May - Impress Art™ Blog Hop and Contest

   Metal-Stamping Vintage-Craft Frame
Impress Art™ Blog Hop

The contest is over, but you can still enjoy this great tutorial. 

   Add a touch of romance around your home with this beautiful frame.  Simple and quick to create, it is the perfect summer addition to your home.  

   I was so excited when I received my Impress Art™ supplies for this blog hop.  They sent me this great hammer that I saw at their booth during the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Show. 

   Finally, a one-pound, brass hammer that is designed for metal stamping that really makes a difference.  Does it really work?  Yes!  I’ve tried other hammers and I never had any luck getting good images. The Impress Art™ one-pound, brass hammer allowed me to get great images with ease.  I love this hammer and it makes stamping in metal a real joy.  The exciting news is that this hammer is part of the grand prize being offered by Impress Art™.   

   This hammer is perfect for those who have never used metal stamps and a wish come true for those who have been stamping a while. Thank you, Impress Art™ for sending it to me! I love it!!!

   As it was mentioned in my Selling Your Crafts five-part blog series, using quality tools makes crafting more enjoyable.  If you enjoy what you are doing, you can be more creative and happier with your finished product.

   There are many projects you can create with metal stamps.  As you travel around this blog hop, you will get a lot of great ideas for projects.  This is a great way to embellish your crafts and take them to a new level. 

   My Vintage Summer Frame, which is inspired by Victorian summer dresses, is a fun way to freshen any room for the summer.  It’s also makes a great gift or make a smaller version to use as a place card and party favor for guest to take home. 

 Metal Stamping Instructions

   Place the stamping blank onto the steel stamping block.  Place the metal stamp onto the blank and then use the Impress Art™ 1 lb brass hammer to stamp the letters onto the blanks.  Use four or five sharp hits with the hammer.   Repeat this step until you have stamped all your words.

   Place craft gloves on your hands to protect your hands and then apply the ink from a permanent black marker over all the stamped letters.  Make sure the ink gets deep into the stamped image.  Dampen a tissue with rubbing alcohol and then use the tissue to remove the excess ink from the circles.  Be careful not to remove the ink from the depressed images. 

   Buff all the stamping blanks with #0000 fine-grade steel wool and then punch a hole in the side of the nickel-silver petal.  The hole will be hidden under the copper leaf.  This hole will allow glue to flow through it and help secure the petal and leaf to the wooden frame.

Stamping Tips
  • Layout your metal stamps to spell out your words.  That way, you are less likely to make a spelling error when stamping.
  • Start from the center and work toward the ends.  Determine the center of your blank.  Use the middle letter of your word in the center of the blank and then work out from that middle letter.  This will help your words to be centered in the stamping blank.

 Frame Construction

   Many crafters have left-over pieces of lace, fabric trims, and buttons from previous projects. This is a great way to all those left over pieces. 

   If you can’t find a white frame, craft stores sell unfinished frames which you can paint white.

   Glue the lace and fabric trims to the frame using non-yellowing, archival glue.  This is an important step because some glue will yellow as they age and it will discolor the lace.  Attach the 4mm adhesive-backed crystals to the frame.

   Stamp your metal blanks with the words “Grow Your Creativity” and then attach the 2mm adhesive-backed crystals to the stamped metal.

   Glue the metal-framed tag, copper leaf, brass-oval washer and fabric rose to the upper-left corner of the frame.  Attach the nickel-silver petal and copper leaf to the lower-right corner of the frame.  Allow all the glue to dry completely before inserting your sepia photograph into the frame.    

Make sure to visit 

Impress Art for your supplies.

Project Supplies 

Impress Art™ Stamps
Impress Art™ Ballroom Boogie- Lowercase Stamp Set, Item # SC137-3MM

Impress Art™ Stamping Blanks
Impress Art™ Maple Leaf, 1 1/4", Copper: IAD12264
Impress Art™ Oval Washer, 1 1/4", Brass: IAD12157
Impress Art™ Petal, 2", Nickel Silver: IAD12327
Impress Art™ Feather, 2 3/8, Copper: IAD12229

Impress Art™ Tools
Impress Art™ 1lb brass hammer
Impress Art™ Steel stamping block
Impress Art™ Two-hole punch

2mm adhesive-backed crystals (6)
4mm adhesive-backed crystals (13)
Clear-drying, archival white glue
Crystal-clear metal adhesive
Cream fabric rose
Faux-pearl trim, white
Metal-trimmed tag with aged paper
Off-white/white lace and fabric trims
White buttons (6)
Wooden Frame, white, 8 by 10” with a 5 by 7” opening

#0000 fine-grade steel wool
Craft gloves
Permanent black marker

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Ribbon Bracelet

   Gossamer wings and warm summer nights are the inspiration for this ultra-feminine bracelet.   

   You don’t have to worry about knowing anything about making jewelry when you create this lovely piece.  It’s all about knowing the right products to use.

    This is so simple to make that you can create one in every colored ribbon that calls out to you. 

    Here are the step-by-step instructions

Do you sell your crafts or would like to know more about craft making? 
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Looking for a super simple jewelry making surprise? Then, check out this awesome line by Cousin. 

   Whenever I wear this necklace, I notice women’s eyes focus on it.  It’s a big hit.  And, it took me less than a minute to make it.  That’s right -- less than a minute.

   Customizing your own jewelry pieces is easy and a snap.  These pieces just snap together so you can make your own necklaces, bracelets and rings.   Read more about it! 

   Do you sell your crafts or would like to know more about craft making?  Make sure to read my series on Selling Your Crafts

Fabric-Rose Bracelet

   I have a little niece who loves playing dress up.  That includes wearing fun bracelets.  Inspired by summer and everything pink, I first designed this bracelet with my niece in mind. 

   A garden fairy dancing about on a warm summer evening, as fireflies encircle her hair like a crown would surely love to wear this bracelet.  It is about fantasy, femininity, and pure delight.   

   This simple bracelet does not use conventional means for its closure.  You do not need jewelry skills to make this bracelet.  If you can sew a button onto a shirt, you have all the skills you need to make this bracelet.

   The flowers encircle your entire wrist in fabric flowers.  While I used roses, you can use any fabric flowers you like. 

   Pre-made flower bracelets can be costly, but you can create your own handmade fabric-floral bracelet for your little girl or flower girl.  It’s a great prom bracelet or for a romantic summer evening. 

    Make sure to get the instructions for this bracelet today

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Mixed-Media Bracelet

Mixed-media is a very hot trend this summer.  So, when the jewelry supply company, Cousin, asked me to be their guest blogger, I knew that I wanted to create something trendy.

   A hot 2012 Jewelry summer trend is that bracelets need to make a statement.  They need to be bold and slightly over the top.  Look for items that mix fabric, metals, and class.

   This bracelet is the perfect bracelet for that Saturday getaway or shopping trip.  

You can alter the fabric to match your favorite outfit.  

Since the supplies are very reasonable, you can make a number of these bracelets.  The possibilities are endless.

  Do you sell your crafts or would like to know more about craft making?  Make sure to read my series on Selling Your Crafts

Designer Craft Connections - Simple & Quick Jewelry Making

       The first Monday of every month the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop is where Professional Craft Designers inspire you through our blog posts.  Join us as we create a post that revolves around one subject and each of the Professional Craft Designers in our group creates a post about that subject.  There are so many great projects to inspire and captivate you.  

   This month, our topic is Quick and Easy Jewelry.  Once you finish reading my blog, you can hop forward or backward by clicking on the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop button which is in the right column of my blog.  It is a permanent button so you may hop through the blogs every time you visit my blog. 

   Many of the Professional Craft Designers in this hop post new content on their blogs during the month, so make sure to visit all of them.  You never know who is posting a hot new technique that you just need to see or posting a great giveaway.  Make sure to bookmark my blog – or better yet, sign up to be notified of my new posts.  You can find the link to follow my blog in the right-hand column of this blog.

   Every day this week, I will post a fun jewelry project on my blog.  Many of them will include step-by-step instructions, while other projects are shown to inspire you.  Make sure to visit my tutorial page to see some pretty projects for you to create.

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Ribbon Bracelet

   The first project this week is my ribbon bracelet which I created for Velcro®.  It is perfect for the summer and once you learn the technique, you can create it in many different colors.  This is an awesome bracelet to wear with jeans or a pretty white dress.  Of course, it uses the hottest summer color—Tangerine.   

   The crystal beads used in the design sparkle in the daylight and moon light.  If you close your eyes, you can picture yourself wearing this bracelet during a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.   

   The bracelet is cool to wear because of the open weave.  The substantial size of the bracelet is another hot trend for this summer.  This is one bracelet that you HAVE to have, but you won’t find it in any store.  The simple to create instructions let you create this handmade bracelet: INSTRUCTIONS..  

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Impress Art Blog Hop – Saturday, May 12, 2012
   Make sure to visit my blog on Saturday, May 12, for the Impress Art Blog Hop sponsored by Impress Art Metal Stamps.  The nation’s top professional craft designers will be showing you how you can create amazing crafts with Impress Art metal stamps.

   They have this awesome new hammer that makes stamping on metal, child’s play.  I’ve tried other hammers before and never get a great impression.  I had wonderful results with this hammer.  So, visit my blog on May 12th and not only will you find great instructions to a fun craft project, but you will learn all about the new hammer that I love.

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*Note: The photograph is NOT the giveaway.  It's just to show you their product line.