PC Gourmet Sample Project & Recipe

To celebrate their new book, PC Gourmet, Paper Crafts Magazine has given various blogs a copy of a recipe and project from their new book. For those who must live a gluten-free life, you can substitute Bob’s Red Mill or Tom Sawyer’s All-Purpose gluten-free flour in the recipe.

Click on the photos below to enlarge the graphics. Then, save the graphics to your computer. The photos of the project, book, and biscuits belong to Paper Crafts Magazine. The tag project and biscuit recipe are from Alisa Bangerter. The background papers and Halloween graphics that I used to create the graphics are from Scrapgirls.com.

Here’s the direct link to their online store where you can purchase a copy of PC Gourmet.

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Spirit of the Season

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Halloween is a time of fun with costumes and masks. This mixed media collage, Passage of Time, was created for a previous CHA showcase display, but does capture the essence of this season.

Click on the photographs for a larger view!

The small mask in the collage was featured with other mask pins in Belle Armoire’s premiere issue. The larger polymer clay mask was created for this collage. Tiny crystals are embedded into the clay and were baked with the clay. The texture on the mask was created using rubber stamps.

My masks have been featured in Somerset Studio (and on the cover) and in art shows. They celebrate my Italian heritage.

Silk fabric is rubber stamped with gutta resist and allowed to dry. Premixed dyes are then randomly painted onto the silk. Once the silk is dried, it is ironed to set the dyes. The silk is rinsed in cold water and allowed to air dry. It is ironed once again. It is then torn in strips to use in the collage.

An old CD is covered with Alcohol Inks from Ranger Inks and then rubber stamped. Textured paint is used on the background of the collage.

Last week I took a break from paper crafting and created this heart necklace. While I like wearing silver, I wanted to use copper for the Halloween season. I’ll wear this when I go out to the Mexican Food Factory this week.

The fabric under necklace was created with rubber stamps by Stampers Anonymous

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Use your own photographs to create Artist Trading Cards. Learn about the different techniques you can use to create these cards.

Halloween Necklaces

Happy Halloween! The graphics used in the Halloween card below are from Scrapgirls.com.

Things to wear for those who go bump in the night:

When my niece said that she needed a necklace for her sorcereress costume, I decided to transform my pins (Somerset Studio Article) into necklaces for Halloween.

The necklaces are copper and silver metals and use my favorite shape, the heart. A few weeks ago I purchased a metal punch from Harbor Freight and it is so easy to use. I punched the hole in all the metal, even the British coin! Now, the coin was harder to punch than the thinner metals, but I was shocked that it handled that thickness of metal.

The Anniversary Card

Once again, Scrap Girls digital kits came to the rescue when I needed an anniversary card for my cousin. Annie and I were born nine months apart and have been like sisters all our lives. We’re both artistic and creative, so I wanted something special for her card.

I love taking photos of my garden and this photograph symbolized the white of the bridal gown. The red heart from Scrap Girls City Park Embellishment kit shows the deep love that Annie and Ralph share.

Once the graphic was printed, I attached it to a 5 by 7” folded, black card.

You can get very upscale designs by cropping your floral photographs. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get in tight enough to produce this type of floral photo, you can use your computer to crop the photo. Don’t think of the image as a flower, think of it as flowing lines and crop the image until you have a pleasing design.

My favorite subjects to photograph are my nieces, cats and garden. Yours?