Fabric-Rose Bracelet

   I have a little niece who loves playing dress up.  That includes wearing fun bracelets.  Inspired by summer and everything pink, I first designed this bracelet with my niece in mind. 

   A garden fairy dancing about on a warm summer evening, as fireflies encircle her hair like a crown would surely love to wear this bracelet.  It is about fantasy, femininity, and pure delight.   

   This simple bracelet does not use conventional means for its closure.  You do not need jewelry skills to make this bracelet.  If you can sew a button onto a shirt, you have all the skills you need to make this bracelet.

   The flowers encircle your entire wrist in fabric flowers.  While I used roses, you can use any fabric flowers you like. 

   Pre-made flower bracelets can be costly, but you can create your own handmade fabric-floral bracelet for your little girl or flower girl.  It’s a great prom bracelet or for a romantic summer evening. 

    Make sure to get the instructions for this bracelet today

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