My Favorite Technique


 While I work in many different mediums and styles, I love how soothing and relaxing it is to apply hot wax to silk. 

It’s a process that does require thought, since you are coating areas of the silk that you want to remain white when the batik is complete.  But there is such a great feeling when you finish your design and you see those beautiful colors on that soft white silk.

This piece, Camryn’s Heart, was created for an International Display at The Craft and Hobby Association Winter Conference and Show.  

While the main design was create on silk, the hearts floating on the piece are paper. 

These batik paper samples show that simple designs can be really beautiful.  Imagine creating your own personalized greeting cards or scrapbook papers.  Batiks will kick your crafting up in a new level.

 One-Step-Dyes™ by Tulip® ( make creating the batik super easy.  And as you can see, the colors are so rich.

If you are worried about trying batiks on silk, this same technique works on paper.  The hearts in this photo are paper batiks.  You can make some really interesting and awesome background paper for all your paper arts projects.

Would you like to try batiks? Check out my Batik tutorial to learn how to create batiks on silk or paper.  Click on the link below to find out more. 

Silk Scarf Batik
Carol Heppner Issue 5:
Looking to learn a new craft? Batiks are a lot of fun and a great way to relax. This silk-batik tutorial is a step-by-step guide that shows you how to use wax and simple dyes to create a beautiful silk scarf. It also gives an alternative to using wax to create the scarf.If you want to create something smaller, you can always purchase handkerchief-size pieces of silk and use the same technique to create small pillows. The pillows would…

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Rose Cuff

Put a bit of romance in your life with this beautiful rose cuff bracelet. 
Instructions for my bracelet, courtesy of Velcro (R),
can be found on Michaels' Website. 

What makes this bracelet unique is that it completely surrounds your wrist with fabric roses.  The trick is to use Fabric Fusion (tm) by Velcro (R) as your closure. 

This bracelet is easy to create and is perfect for weddings - or for times when you want a romantic look. 

Please make sure to rate the project when you visit Michaels' website.

Quick and Easy Summer Projects

Celebrate the summer with  projects that are 
quick to make, inexpensive,
pretty awesome.

Summer Ankle Bracelet
These warm summer evenings call for a fun ankle bracelet that takes very little effort to make, but is big on style.

I found the materials for this bracelet from Cousin Corporation of America  at my local Wal-Mart. The faux pearls come linked together so all I had to do was to use jump rings to attach a simple clasp.  Then I made a little embellishment by using a fabric flower, faux-pearl bead, and a crystal bead on a head pin, which I then attached to the bracelet.

What do you think?

 Dollar-Store Pop-Corn Holder Project

My young nieces were visiting and I wanted a fun craft project for the day. The girls are four and five years old, which means the project needed to be simple, but fun.

A search of the Dollar Store found removable wall sticker.  These stickers were larger than your every-day stickers and of course, just a dollar.  But I didn’t know what I was going to do with them.  Then I spotted popcorn cups.  I decided we would  decorate popcorn cups which they could display in their bedrooms.

I picked up fairy stickers for the nieces and animal stickers for my three-year-old nephew.  The girls would alter their own cups and then they would make one for my nephew.

We didn’t sand the cups before using the stickers, but if you try this project, I would suggest sanding the outside of the cups.  This will help the stickers adhere to the surface better.

The girls did a wonderful job with these cups, don’t you think?