Altered Sneakers

Altered Sneakers Project
by Carol Heppner

Looking for great designer sneakers for your little one without spending an arm and a leg? Then, I have a project for you! These great sneakers are created with Tulip's Fabric Markers and the ribbon used as laces will stop fraying when you use Aleene's Stop Fraying by iLovetoCreate tm.

Click on the photo below to see a close up of the products below.

While made for fabric, you use these markers just like the ones you use on paper. Just draw your design, let the marker dry, and that's it. No heat setting and no worrying about the fabric bleeding through the canvas.

This project was so simple that my four-year-old niece helped make these sneakers. She added some of the dots and helped to color the sides of the sneakers. She also helped pick out the colors.

Can't find the ribbon to match the shoes? Then just pick up white ribbon and create dots on the ribbon with the markers. It's that easy!

The Altered-Canvas Sneaker project is a pdf file which you can print out.

Once you create your altered sneakers, join me on Facebook and show me what you have created. Hope you enjoy this project and I look forward to seeing you on Facebook!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day

Happy National Scrapbooking Day
May 1, 2001

I love all forms of scrapbooking -- Traditional, Digital, and Hybrid. The above eight by eight-inch page uses the digital method.

One of my favorite techniques is to enlarge one of my photographs and use it as the background instead of scrapbooking paper. As you see above, it adds depth to the page.

The photo was taken on a recent trip to attend the local American Meteorology Society chapter's meeting. My husband is currently serving as the president of the local chapter. They invite speakers to every meeting and I normally attend to hear those speakers.

The building in which the chapter held its last meeting, is not only beautiful, but painted such wonderful colors. I could not help grabbing my camera and taking a few shots. Yellow and white has to be my favorite room color combination.

Take a few seconds and let me know what you will be doing for National Scrapbooking Day by adding a comment below.

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