Review: Cousin Snap in Style™ and Make the Connection™

I received some of Cousin’s new Cousin Snap in Style™ and Make the Connection™ components from Cousin.  Have to admit, it was a bit like Christmas to open the package and see all these beautiful jewelry pieces.

In seconds, I customized a Snap in Stylenecklace and bracelet to wear out to dinner that night.  The necklace components just snapped together, making it simple and quick to interchange the pieces.

The snaps held the jewelry sections securely together, yet it was easy to change the pieces at will.  The bracelet snaps are a bit harder to snap apart, but seeing that a bracelet gets bumped and knocked about, that is a good quality.  

The only jewelry tools you will need is a set of flat-nose pliers if you want to use a jump ring to attach the Make the Connection™  to one of the sections or to another necklace. 

These lines are great for jewelry makers of all levels who would like to customize their look in seconds.  The hardest part of using these lines is deciding which piece you can’t live without.  You may want them all!

 Tomorrow: Romantic Spring Journal

CraftGeek Punch It Tool Review

Tool Review

While at the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Show, I was introduced the many great products by CraftGeek.

This fun punch creates that delicate lace edge around paper. 

I tried it out and loved the ease with which I was able to create a lace-edge paper for a greeting card and a lace doily for a small gluten-free brownie. 

The tool has guidelines that help you determine where to place your paper when punching.  

Tomorrow: What great new craft line will have you snapping? 

Five Creative Links to Visit

The Internet is filled with a lot of creativity.   Here, in alphabetical order, are my five favorite places to visit:

Betty Crocker - Purse Cake Video
Betty Crocker is the first major company to make gluten-free cake mixes.  I may add a little extra gluten-free four (maybe a tablespoon or two) to the batter before trying to make these cake purses. 

Cool to Craft - Cool to Craft
The name Tiffany Windsor is a long-time craft presenter.  This online show inspires crafters of all ages and levels.

Craft Place - Craft Place
Projects from the Craft and Hobby Association that you have to see.

Scrapbook Soup - Scrapbook Soup
This is a fun show with my fellow professional design friend, Julie McGuffee.  The show is now online!

When Creativity Knocks - When Creativity Knocks
There is something here for everyone.  Some of my professional design friends have their own channels and you will love watching and learning.

Tomorrow: New Craft Tool Review (a must have)

Basket For Your Easter Table

Pottery Barn is one of my favorite places to shop, so I thought I would share a fun item I picked up while shopping there.

The wire basket comes without any embellishment at all, which really caught my attention.  I knew I would be able to embellish it in so many different ways and for many different occasions.

While I did purchase this basket, I would think they are easy to make — providing you wear gloves.  A lighter weight mesh can be found in craft stores. 

The Potter Barn catalog shows their baskets weighted down with polished stones, but glass marbles will also do the trick.

This is my Easter setting for the adults at my table.  Instead of eggs in their baskets, they will have their napkin and silverware.

How would you use this basket?

Tomorrow: FIVE creative websites to visit

Purse Gift Card & Holder

One of my professional friends, Eileen Hull, has a great line of dies on Sizzix®.  Her dies are created so you can use them in many different ways.  Make sure to visit her Sizzix Spring Linky Party. 

I needed a gift card and holder for my niece’s birthday party, so I grabbed an old white gift box and made the folder and a gift card.  I used dimensional bead paint to creat the white beads on the “purse” base (Card Holder).

I used orange polkadot scrapbook paper on the top of the purse and orange ribbon to hold the purse to the gift bag. 

The flower die help me to create this fun flower for the purse and the Flower was also decorated with the dimensional bead paint. 

I used another Sizzix die to create the gift card and the flower on the card came with the holder base.

Inking Tutorial      
Tired of wimpy-colored cards?  Wouldn’t you love to know how you can give your cards a punch of color with ink pads?   Expensive markers require a learning curve.  My technique shows you how you can get great color with rubber-stamping ink pads.  Pick up my inking tutorial today!  Find out more by clicking the link below.

Carol's Chronicles
8 pages, published 23 SEP 2011
This paper-arts tutorial, Polyester Fiberfill 101 by Carol Heppner, is a great guide to show you how to use Polyester Fiberfill to apply pigment ink to your paper-arts projects. Yes, the same material that is used in stuffing pillows is a wonderful tool to apply ink. In this tutorial, you will learn the tricks that will allow you to color all sizes of paper with ease. Take plain white paper and turn it into your own, customized background …

Duck, Duck -- Bunny!

Easter is fast approaching and this cute bunny purse is just ducky when you make it with Duct® Tape brand tape.

Use two 6-inch squares and three 1/2 by 6-inch strips of cardstock for the purse base.  Cover the squares with pink duct tape and then sponge red alcohol ink onto the squares.

Attach the three strips of cardstock to the squares with pink duct tape.

The bunny is made by using Aleene's® Original Tacky Glue® from® to attach the eyes, flower nose, ribbon ears and bow, and the duct tape whiskers to the white flower. 
The bunny flower was attached to the front of the purse with Aleene's® Platinum Bond Glass and Bead™ Slick Surfaces Adhesive.

Pink Duct® Tape and purple ribbon were braided together to create the handle for the purse. 

This purse is a fun way to give an Easter card.  You can also place a napkin and silverware inside and use it for the kid’s at your Easter table.

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My project sheets are quick and simple projects that are filled with style.  Pick up my new project sheet today!  Glitter Sneakers 

Monday: Fun Gift-Card Holder

Snap in Style™

Have you ever wanted to create jewelry but just didn’t know where to start? There is a new line of jewelry components that will have to creating your own customized jewelry pieces in seconds. 

While at the winter Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and Conference, I went to visit my friends at the Cousin’s booth.  They gave me a tour of their new lines. That is where I fell in love with Snap in Style line. 

Imagine the ability to design and create a bracelet, necklace or ring in less than a minute.  No tools needed — you just snap and go.  You can quickly create one look for when you go to lunch with friends and a second look that is more upscale when you head back into the office.   It is that quick and simple. 

The bracelet base, as seen in the photo, is transformed in a snap.  The turquoise accent is easily replaced with any number of other metal accents which will coordinate with your wardrobe.  

I have always loved the quality of the Cousin products and use their products in my work. 

If you like more of a challenge, make sure to visit their blog to see a bracelet tutorial I created just for them.  It's a fun bracelet that you will love to wear this spring, summer, and fall!

Tomorrow: Duck, Duck, Rabbit

Making A Good Connection

Some rubber stampers asked me how I get perfect images from clear rubber stamps.  Apparently, some stampers are forced to use pigment ink, but long to use dye inks.

Here’s my secret for increasing your chances of a perfect image and saving money at the same time.

I always make sure I wash and dry all stamps when I first take them out of the package.   Many times, this will solve the problem.  If not, many stampers will use Pounce, but I use inexpensive baby powder.  Make sure it’s plain paper powder without additives. 

I only stamp on white paper - Bristol.  I love how smooth the paper is and it’s sturdy.  I may use ink to color the paper first, but I always start with out with white Bristol paper when stamping.  

To use the baby powder, I place a small amount of powder on a paper dish.  Then I use an inexpensive large makeup brush to dust the powder over the paper. (Dip the brush into the powder and then tap the brush to remove the excess powder.)

You are giving the paper a very light dusting which cannot be seen on the paper.  

Make sure you are using a well-inked inkpad when stamping your images.

Hope these tips will help you achieve that perfect image!

Tomorrow: Making a bracelet in a snap!

Child's Room for Spring 2012

Looking to give your child’s room a little spring lift without having to spend hours on a craft project?  All you need is some paper, ribbon, a bit of glue, some double stick tape, a flower head and a button. 

This entire project was made with items that I already had around my studio, but you can use papers and other items that you already own.

The collage base is a green 12-inch scrapbook paper that I cut to fit inside the frame.  There is no glass in side the fame, so if your frame has glass, remove it if possible.

I cut a 4 by 8 1/2-inch strip of a pink scrapbook paper and glued that to the green paper.  Then I cut a 3 by 8 1/2-inch strip of blue scrapbook paper and attached that to the pink paper.  Your measurements will differ depending on the size of your frame.  But, don’t worry about exact measurements.  Just make the papers large enough to be seen under the ribbons.

Glue the large pink ribbon onto the blue paper and then glue the pink-checked ribbon onto the pink ribbon.  Glue the head of a flower onto the ribbons.  Make sure that it is off center for added interest.

Attach a button to the center of the flower with glue and then glue soft-green crystals to the pink-checked ribbon.  Let the glues dry.

Place the collage in the frame.  You can hang it on the wall or use it on a table grouping.  Enjoy! 

Tomorrow:  First Good Impression

National Craft Month

I was sent the following email that I thought you would love to hear about:

March is National Craft Month!

When Creativity Knocks has teamed up with the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) to bring you a month of getting your craft on! Ana Araujo, When Creativity Knocks Designer, has created an "I HEART CRAFTS" tattoo image for you to use.

Grab your FREE PDF:

Print It! Reduce It! Enlarge It! Craft It!
Create with it any way your heart desires!

Post your "I HEART CRAFTS" tattoo image projects that you created at: or

Who's eligible? Everyone, no age restrictions.  All those who post to be eligible to win prizes from top craft manufacturers. Each Friday starting March 9th, and continuing on March 16th, 23rd and 30th, a winner will be picked from those who posted on the sites.

Thank You,
Ana Araujo, When Creativity Knocks
Keri Cunningham, CHA

Tomorrow:  Craft Project for a Child's Room

Today, we will finish our Natural-Home Décor Project by covering the two remaining books with the grocery bag.

Start by cutting your paper to the size you will need to cover your book. 

Because we want to have the bags to have a rough texture, start by crumbling up the cut grocery bag.  Open up the bag and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.  Then, place it on a dish towel and iron out the wrinkles.  This gives the paper a worn look that is essential to this spring’s home décor trend.

 Follow the same steps from yesterday’s blog post to cover the two remaining books.

Once the books are covered, you can use them as they are, or tie them together with a coordinating ribbon.  

Place them in an arrangement in a bookshelf or on an end table with your lamp.  No matter where you place them, you will enjoy being a trendsetter.

Monday:  Craft Giveaway Information!

Scrapbook-Paper-Covered Book

Walk into a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware store and you will find the latest trend in home décor.   This look is heavy and solid.  Weathered furniture gives the feeling that it has been around and passed down from our grandparents. 

Here’s a simple and quick accessory project that you can do in minutes.  It can be done with items you have around your house.  Just take a look at the books that are sitting on your shelves (if you are like me, overflowing on your shelves).

Take three of them that are similar in size, grab that paper bag that you brought home from the grocery store, take that 12 by 12-inch scrapbooking paper that you never used, and look for some coordinating ribbon. 

When deciding what books to use, you will want to pick one that is about 7-inches, the middle one should be around 6-inches, and the last books should be about 5-inches in height.  The all should be similar in width.  These measurements do not need to be exact. 

We’ll start with the scrapbook paper to cover the middle (6-inch) book.  I went with a blue paper because I am using it in a blue room with a dark wood mantel.  But, you can use any color scrapbook paper you would like to match your décor.  Just remember that if you use natural-color paper bags, you want to use a rich-colored scrapbook paper. 

If you use white paper bags, then you can use any color scrapbook paper you would like.  I know that it’s not easy to find stores that carry white paper bags, so you can use white scrapbooking paper.  Imagine this project in a little girl’s room with white-embossed scrapbooking paper for two of the books and a pretty pink for the center book. 

Start by placing your book on the blank side of the scrapbook paper.  Wrap the scrapbook paper around the width of the book to make sure you have enough paper to cover the book.

While the book is still on the scrapbook paper, fold the top of the scrapbook paper to the top edge of the book.  This will produce a crease in the paper.  Repeat this step with the bottom of the scrapbook paper and the book.

Remove the book and fold the scrapbook paper along the crease lines.

Put the book back on the scrapbook paper (as seen in the photo) and wrap the scrapbook paper around the width of the book.

Fold the edges of the scrapbook paper and tuck the book covers in the folded scrapbook paper.  

Tomorrow, we will continue with the recycled paper.

Tomorrow:  Recycled book cover

New Home Decor Trend

While the wearable-art spring trends are all about bright colors, the new trend in home décor is a more masculine and heavy.   Solid-looking furniture pieces are rich with embellishments.  The woods are given more of a weathered finished.  It is a substantial look that gives a feeling of longevity and stability. 

You won’t find strong oranges and poppy colors, but more of a neutral and peaceful color-scheme in home décor. 

In a world that has been changing and insecure at times, this new trend helps to visually ground the home’s décor.  Because the furniture is heavier and solid, it should stand the test of time. 

We all can’t run out and purchase all new furniture when new trends pop up.  But, you can look all the great ideas in the countless store catalogs and see what you can do to change your existing pieces.  It could be as simple as how you display your accessories.  Spring is the time of new birth and change, so grab your favorite furniture catalog and try mixing up your décor.

Part of the trend is a back-to-basics look.  Think early school days and Grandma’s kitchen.  Very simple, solid, with an air of ease. 

Tomorrow, I will feature a simple project for an accessory that will help you give your room a touch of this new trend.  It’s so simple and quick to do that you can do it under ten minutes.  It’s a recyclable project too!  Here's a hint at what we're going to use: 

Tomorrow:  Trendy Décor Project

Vintage Jewelry Impressions by Terry Ricioli

Are you a romantic?  Do you love making jewelry?  I have to admit, I love making my own jewelry and I am a lover of everything Victorian, Edwardian, or Renaissance.  

When I heard about my friend and fellow professional designer, Terry Ricioli’s new book, Vintage Jewelry Impressions, I asked if I could do a blog post about the book.   

Every professional designer has their own unique style and approach to their work.  I wanted to ask Terry a few questions to give you an insight into her new book.

How would I describe your new book?
Vintage Jewelry Impressions is a book for the person who loves the look of vintage jewelry.  It's my impressions of the styles of the past, so it's a blend of Victorian, Edwardian, a dash of art deco and a little Renaissance. 

What was your inspiration for Vintage Jewelry Impressions?
In part, it was inspired by my love of old stuff.  I like furniture, clothing and jewelry in a vintage style, something with a patina, a little age.  But, I'm not able to own some of the jewelry pieces I would like, so I had to create them.  Luckily, there are lots of vintage components available now, which make it easy to recreate a vintage look and feel.

What do you like most about designing your jewelry?
With this jewelry, I wanted to get an idea of the history and create jewelry in a similar style as these time periods. I did a lot of research on Queen Victoria and found many interesting anecdotes about her life and her love of jewelry, some of which are included in the book.  I really enjoyed this as it gave a human perspective to the jewelry designs and I could connect with the people and time period in which they lived.  I like to think that some of these pieces would fit right into their lives.

What colors do you love using in your designs?
It really depends on the occasion or person for whom I'm creating the design.  If it's for me, it's usually some combination of pink or turquoise blue.  I also like creating in the fall shades with amber and gold.  I also like to add texture to my designs with different combinations of beads like pearls and metal and glass.

Can those starting out create the projects in your book, Vintage Jewelry Impressions?
Definitely!  Most of these designs are easy to make.  And, for those that require an unfamiliar technique, there's a section that explains that.  There are lots of pictures, so it's easy to follow for those of use who are visual learners!

Read more about Terry and read about her book giveaway, Terry Ricioli Designs

Pick up a copy of Terry’s new book today!  You can purchase it onlineat Annie’s Attic. 

Tomorrow:  Simple project for a hot new home décor trend 

Enchanting Scrapbook

Make sure to visit
for more projects 

Pick up the March issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine and read my new Art Smarts!™  article, Enchanting Scrapbooking.  

This mixed-media scrapbook is a charming gift for the little princesses in your life.  The article shows you how to distress the cover of an album as well as how to simple it is to create the fairy on the cover. 

The fairy is made with forms by Polyform and polymer clay.   The hair is fur that was dyed pink and the makeup was created with gel pens.  You can also use the fairy in other projects.

The article also shows you how to create a very delightful scrapbook page that keeps the theme of the magazine cover.  It will also get you thinking about taking some imaginative photos. 

My Art Smarts!™  articles are planned to do more than just have you re-create a project.  The articles are designed to show you techniques to broaden your craft skills so you can use those techniques to create new projects.   My articles let you mix mediums that are simple to use and are fun. 

Make sure to pick up this March issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine at your local craft or book store.  Our local Walmart carries SSA.  However, if you can’t find it locally, you can always buy it on the web.  Make sure to visit their website today.

All links open in a new window. 

Tomorrow:  Interview with my friend,
Professional Designer, Terry Ricioli
Learn about her new book and her great giveaway! 

Spring Collage

Pink is a favorite color among many of the women and girls in our family.    So, use pink in a craft project and it is sure to be liked.  Maybe it is the pink of the cherry blossoms that seem to fill our world or the pink of the tulips that bloom in our gardens, but whatever the reason – we love pink.

When it came time to create my project for Viva Décor’s March blog post, I wanted to do something that was fresh and young.  I also wanted something that all ages could create and have fun doing together. 

The base uses aluminum flashing, which can be found at any home supply store.  It comes in 5 by 7 sheets and you would be surprised how easy it is to cut aluminum flashing.  I also use a craft punch to punch the holes in it even though I have a metal hole punch. 

The feet of the collage are created with clothes pins.  You can find these at the dollar store. 

What’s nice about this project is that you can change the collage throughout the year.  You can use the base to display photos or greeting cards.  It can also hold a menu card for your dinner parties. 

Make sure to visit Viva Décor for the FREE instructions for this collage project.   The project will open in a new window on your browser.

Monday’s Post:  Put some enchantment in your life

Tea-light Enclosures for your dinner table

 Spring Lighting

Candles can be very dangerous and you never want to use them close to paper.  One day, I found these battery-operated tea lights and they opened up a world of possibilities.  After all, they are safe to use around paper. 

While I created the design on these little candle enclosures, you can use your favorite scrapbook or specialty papers.  Just remember, you want to use paper and not cardstock.  You want the glow of the tea light to shine through the paper.

You can make the tea light enclosures any height.  I make mine between three and four inches high and about six to seven inches wide.  Form a cylinder with the paper and then use a thin bead of glue to secure the ends.  Just place the battery-operated tea light in the center of the cylinder.

You can embellish this tea light enclosure, if you like.  The style and elegance of this project depends on your needs.  Having a romantic dinner party?  Use a romantic scrapbook paper.  Having a kids party?  Look for character themed papers.  You can also just use printer paper and have your children create their own designs. 

Tomorrow:  Spring Table Top Collage

New Rubber Stamping Product from INKADINKADO and eksuccess Brands

Gearing Up for Stamping Fun

Later this year you will be treated to a whole new way to create professional looking designs in your paper crafting.  I was able to get a sneak peek at this fun new product at the Craft and Hobby Association 2012 Winter Show.

Inkadinkado® will have a new product called:  Stamping Gear.  Rubber stamps are placed on a plastic wedge that is placed on this green stamping gear-like tool. 

I watched as the demonstrator created the most beautiful designs onto scrapbooking paper.   Every stamped image was perfectly placed on the page to give the most professional stamped-image I have ever seen.   

They had some wonderful samples at the show.  While you can use this for scrapbooking, you can also use it for greeting cards.  Take it 3-D by using it on a matt board to frame your photos.  The stamp designs I saw are very traditional and feminine, however you know all those unmounted stamps you have? You can use them as well.  You just have to make sure they fit onto the wedge and the wedge and gear are making a good connection.

I asked ekSuccess about this great new tool and they told me: "A revolution in stamping is taking shape. Introducing Inkadinkado® Stamping Gear. Whether a novice crafter or a seasoned stamp artist, Stamping Gear creates amazing, intricate designs - effortlessly. So intuitive to use, beautiful and interesting patterns begin to take form within minutes of opening the package.  Every unique design spirals out of crafter’ creativity as they experiment with the cogs, wheels and cling stamps. With endless possibilities for impressions and projects, Inkadinkado’s Stamping Gear is the future of stamping."

This is a wonderful tool that you will have to check out when it arrives in stores. It was one of the best tools I saw while at CHA.  Make sure to visit INKADINKADO's website to check out all their products. 

Tomorrow:  Kids craft project or elegant décor? You will decide. 

St. Pat's Day Paper Necklace to Craft


Shamrock Green Necklace for St. Pat’s Day

It's National Craft Month and to help inspire you to craft, here is a simple craft that kids and adults can make for St. Pat's Day.  Keep in mind that St. Pat's Day parades are fast approaching, so now is the time to think about what you are going to wear to the parade.  

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in style this year by creating this pretty necklace. Face it, many of the St. Patrick’s Day items you purchase in party stores are OK, but you want more than shamrock socks and green plastic beads. This necklace is so quick and simple to make that you’ll be able to create one for everyone at your party.

If you do not have a die cut machine to cut your flowers, you can try cutting your own or use a fabric flower in place of the paper flower. 

Craft supplies you will need:
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®, ILovetoCreate™
Big Shot™ Machine, Sizzix®
Green Scrapbook cardstock, 8 1/2 by 11
Hole punch (1/8”)
Jump ring, silver, medium
Knitting needle or other object for shaping the petals
Pre-made black necklace
Tim Holtz Flower Die, Sizzix®
Tulip® 3-D Fashion Paint™ Clear Gellies, ILovetoCreate™ 
Tulip® Glam-It-Up™ 4mm Crystals and Studs, ILovetoCreate™
Tulip® Fashion Bead Paint, White

Cut the scrapbook paper in half and then create the petals with the Sizzix® die cut.  Cut out two sets of petals.

Fold each petal toward its center and then use a knitting needle or other item to roll the petals backward.

Glue each layer of petals on top of each other to create the flower.  

While the glue is drying, Use the clear gel paint to attach the crystal and studs to the center of the flower.  

 Apply a dot of the bead paint between the studs and crystals.  Let dry.
Punch a small hole in one of the petals and then place a medium-size jump ring to the hole.  Slip the black necklace through the jump ring to finish the piece.

Tomorrow:  Brand new craft product to arrive this fall  — Sneak peek tomorrow.

Spring Bracelets on Michael’s Arts and Crafts Website

Spring Bracelet
Wearable Art Spring Trend 2012:  Substantial jewelry pieces are HOT!  Join in the trend by making this beautiful bracelet for spring and summer.

Last week, I opened my email from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store’s loyalty program.  It’s a weekly email that announces sales of the week, along with showcasing some of the projects on their website.

I was pleasantly surprised that my floral bracelet that I made for Velcro® was the project featured in that email advertisement. 

The bracelet is very special because you can surround your entire wrist in flowers since the clasp has been replaced with a hook and loop fabric fastener from Velcro®

This romantic bracelet is perfect for proms and weddings.  Made with fabric flowers, the bracelet will last a long time since it is not made with live flowers.   Since it is simple to make when following the free instructions on Michael’s, you can save a lot of money.  Floral bracelets from florists can be expensive.  You can make a beautiful bracelet with Velcro®, ribbon, and beautiful fabric roses.

Imagine this bracelet in white for a christening or communion.   Use pink and yellow flowers for a child’s Easter bracelet.  What is great about this bracelet is that you can coordinate the bracelet to your special dress. 

BRACELET FREE INSTRUCTIONS (this will  open in a new tab)

Designer Crafts Connections Blog Hop
Celebrate all the spring holidays by making sure to visit all the blogs in our Designer Crafts Connections Blog Hop (DCCBH) this Monday.   Some of the hottest craft designers in the industry come together on the first Monday of every month.  You will find our DCCBH logo in the side column of all our blogs.

In addition to finding some of the most creative projects on the Internet, some of our designers are having giveaways.  However, you need to hop around our blogs to find out who is doing a giveaway. 

This is your personal invitation to join me on Facebook.  Connect one-on-one to hear about my latest blog posts or giveaways from my friends in the craft world.  Click here to join me on Facebook and click here to join me on Twitter!

Tomorrow:  Fun and simple paper necklace for St. Pat’s Day

Setting Goals In Your Craft Life

You might be surprised to learn that my favorite magazine is Inc. Well, my favorite magazine for which I don’t write.   Inc. is the only magazine I read from cover to cover.  I pour over each and every page learning tips on how to grow my Professional-Craft Designer business.

The March issue arrived in my mailbox and I have started my monthly ritual of studying each and every page.  One page caught my attention immediately.  It’s a one page article entitled, Launch.  The article feature’s the entrepreneur's photo, a quote from the entrepreneur, gives a short bio, and explains the reasoning behind the quote. 

This month, Maggie Fox of Social Media Group is giving her viewpoint.  She talks about scheduling priorities for your company.  Anymore than three, in her viewpoint, means “you have no priorities.”

The article states that Maggie Fox also applies this same rule to her daily schedule. Well, I wanted to give her theory a try.  So, today I have set three goals for myself. 

My first goal was to mail my artwork to a client.  That entailed creating an origami box for the artwork, finding the right size box to ship the work, and to head off to FedEx to ship the work.  First goal completed.

My next goal was to review materials and follow up on emails for tomorrow’s conference call.  Second goal completed.

My third goal was to write this blog post about setting goals.  Not quite completed just yet. But, for this purpose, we’ll say it’s completed.

So, I was able to accomplish all I set out to do before lunch.  Now, I do have other things I must accomplish today.  But, setting those goals gave me a sense of accomplishment — a sense of freedom too.  I also think I was better focused because I did say to myself, I want to accomplish these three tasks today.  They were the tasks that took priority over others. 

Now, let me ask you.  How can you apply this to your craft life? You don’t have to set three goals, you can set one or two.  So, what craft goal (or goals) do you want to set for tomorrow?  Do you want to spend a half hour coloring a stamped card?  How about trying one of the many projects you see on my blog?  It can be as simple as doing a search for “spring crafts” on Google. 

(Goal three  -  completed)

Here’s my challenge to you.  Set a daily craft goal for the next three days.  You can have one goal a day, two goals a day, or three goals a day.  

Set your goals and try this for the next three days.  Let us know what you did and how you felt about achieving the goals. 

Will you continue setting goals?  Why or why not?  Let us know by entering a comment below this post.   Happy crafting!
Monday: Designer Connections Blog Hop - It's SPRING!  Which Designers are having giveaways? You have to come back Monday to find out!

Pin It! Just... Pin It!

While at the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and Conference, I was given this and other products from Purple Cow.  These are products that I have never seen before. 

Like most crafters, I enjoy embellishments.  This fun product allows you to pin metallic  shapes to your paper and fabric projects.  They even pinned this metallic butterfly to a large canvas painting.  It was easy to do because the tool comes apart and has a magnetic piece that is strong enough to hold through painting canvas.

I had to try this product out on a card that I created.  Of course, I used the heart shapes for the card. 

Tomorrow:  What are the three things you should do now?