Vintage Jewelry Impressions by Terry Ricioli

Are you a romantic?  Do you love making jewelry?  I have to admit, I love making my own jewelry and I am a lover of everything Victorian, Edwardian, or Renaissance.  

When I heard about my friend and fellow professional designer, Terry Ricioli’s new book, Vintage Jewelry Impressions, I asked if I could do a blog post about the book.   

Every professional designer has their own unique style and approach to their work.  I wanted to ask Terry a few questions to give you an insight into her new book.

How would I describe your new book?
Vintage Jewelry Impressions is a book for the person who loves the look of vintage jewelry.  It's my impressions of the styles of the past, so it's a blend of Victorian, Edwardian, a dash of art deco and a little Renaissance. 

What was your inspiration for Vintage Jewelry Impressions?
In part, it was inspired by my love of old stuff.  I like furniture, clothing and jewelry in a vintage style, something with a patina, a little age.  But, I'm not able to own some of the jewelry pieces I would like, so I had to create them.  Luckily, there are lots of vintage components available now, which make it easy to recreate a vintage look and feel.

What do you like most about designing your jewelry?
With this jewelry, I wanted to get an idea of the history and create jewelry in a similar style as these time periods. I did a lot of research on Queen Victoria and found many interesting anecdotes about her life and her love of jewelry, some of which are included in the book.  I really enjoyed this as it gave a human perspective to the jewelry designs and I could connect with the people and time period in which they lived.  I like to think that some of these pieces would fit right into their lives.

What colors do you love using in your designs?
It really depends on the occasion or person for whom I'm creating the design.  If it's for me, it's usually some combination of pink or turquoise blue.  I also like creating in the fall shades with amber and gold.  I also like to add texture to my designs with different combinations of beads like pearls and metal and glass.

Can those starting out create the projects in your book, Vintage Jewelry Impressions?
Definitely!  Most of these designs are easy to make.  And, for those that require an unfamiliar technique, there's a section that explains that.  There are lots of pictures, so it's easy to follow for those of use who are visual learners!

Read more about Terry and read about her book giveaway, Terry Ricioli Designs

Pick up a copy of Terry’s new book today!  You can purchase it onlineat Annie’s Attic. 

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  1. Oh this book looks wonderful. It's definitely on my list. Congrats to Terry!

  2. I wanted to start making my own jewelry for a while now, but never knew how to start. It always looked to complicated for me, but after reading this blog I say why not give it a try? I'll definately need this book though. Thanks!

  3. I am sure Terry will love that you'll pick up her book. She is a very talented Professional Designer. You'll love making your own jewelry.


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