Romantically Rustic Bracelet

This is one of my favorite bracelets to wear and you will love it too. It's romantically rustic. You can get my instructions for this bracelet at cousin’s website.

Baby Gift Package Embellishment

Having bought a large gift for a baby shower, the pre-made bows at the store would look silly on top of the gift.  I didn’t know what to do.  Then, I remembered those tissue paper flowers that are so easy to make. You can find instructions all over the internet. 

Because it was a gift for a baby boy, I used shades of blue paper for the flower and green for the “leaves” on the bottom.  Taking it one step more, I added butterflies on wires flying from the center of the flower.

The flower embellishment was a big hit with the mom to be. 

You'll notice the Tim Holtz Sizzix die that I used for the rosette which is attached to the ribbon from the card.  The baby carriage on the card is made from circles.

This embellishment has so many different possibilities.  How would you use the flower and butterflies?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comment area below.

Join Me on Facebook!

I love Facebook. It allows me to connect with my family and friends on a daily basis. It's fun seeing what is going on in their lives through their written posts and photos.  It "ties" us together.

Through Facebook, I have located extended family, which allows our families to learn more about our histories and to reconnect. I have always enjoyed being with my cousins. Now, I have the joy of knowing my second and third cousins because of FB. It's like I knew them all my life. Yes, family runs deep and I love having them in my life.

My Lopetrone Family history goes back to the 1500s and all Lopetrones' first grandfather was Antonio di Petrone - which makes us all cousins... and I am on FB with many of my Lopetrone cousins. We live all over the world and we have Pasquale Lopetrone to thank for connecting all of us.

I am on Facebook with friends from grade and high school -- and even two of my former teachers are on FB with my classmates. I am even friends with my husband’s school mates. (Go Penn State)

I also have the pleasure of having my design and artist friends on FB with me. They are quick to inspire and share what they are doing.  This allows me to share their news with you on my FB page.  I would love you to join me on Facebook!

Facebook is a great book to find pages of your favorite professional craft designers and craft groups.  So, what do you like about FB?

Photo Friday

My photograph for this Photo Friday is a little bracelet that I made with an old spoon.  These are some of my favorite bracelets to make. 

Gift Tag

Needing an embellishment for a little girl’s gift, I decided to use a Butterfly die by Sizzix.  I love this die because it’s so versatile.  And, if you are going to invest in dies, you want to be able to use them in a lot of different ways.  This is the same die that I used for the summer collage in Monday’s post. 

I glued the butterfly onto the white tag and used a pink ribbon to tie the tag to the gift bag.  This would be great for Mother’s Day too.

The Art of Whimsy

Make sure to pick up the June issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts for my Art Smarts!™ article on how to create Whimsy in your greeting cards and scrapbooking pages.  This six-page article is jam packed with great information.  Pick up a copy at your local store or from SSA online!

Velcro Surprise

Wouldn't this bracelet look wonderful with your summer clothes? Simple to create, it is beautiful to wear.  Visit to see all their great craft ideas including my bracelet that I created for them. You will love this free project!  The bracelet uses Velcro as its closure, which is hidden in the bracelet's design. 

Spring - Summer Decor Project

Give a spring and summer update to your little girl’s room with this fun project.

The entire project came together in minutes with a butterfly made from a Sizzix die.  Pick out a few scrapbooking papers that coordinate with the colors of the room.  Glue them onto a piece of cardboard and place them inside the frame.

Glue the butterfly to the papers.  Add a fabric flower and some ribbon. 

I added Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint to the butterfly. 

Once the glue and paint dried, the collage was ready to use.

Photo Friday

Forget Friday the 13th.  Instead, check out one of my favorite pieces. 

I love creating unique mixed-media collages.   

This piece is about 4 by 4-inches and combines one of my digital collages and a polymer clay molding. 

The clay is dusted with pigment powders for a bit of shimmer.

The base is a compressed paper, which makes the piece very light.

Romantic Cuff Bracelet

Midnight-Summer Fairy’s Bracelet

It was the warmest March on record here in the Northeast (for those who don’t know, my husband is a meteorologist, so I’m always aware of weather things).  That was before we returned to a normal April.  Still, I am dreaming of warm summer nights when fireflies light the darkness.

My longing for summer was the inspiration for this fun bracelet.  It is a fusion of fabric, metal, beads and crystal. Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint is used to add interest to the fabric. 

Project ReMake

Do you create craft projects that reuse everyday objects and materials?  
Are you very creative and love taking on a challenge? 
If so, celebrate Earth Month and enter Project ReMAKE. 

Schick has joined forces with 
Amy Smart and Carter Oosterhouse  (above) 
and Make Magazine to kick off 

It is an online contest that wants you to share your most creative ways to reuse everyday objects and materials.   It’s in collaboration with the NEW Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor. 

You are invited to send your photographs with a 100-word description of your project to Schick Xtreme3's Facebook page or Make Magazine's website. They are looking for the most creative and innovative project that remakes or up-cycles what otherwise would be tossed away.  

The last day to enter is May 14, 2012.  A panel of celebrities and editors will choose five finalist in May.  Then, one grand-prize winner will by chosen by popular vote.  The winner will win a trip to the Maker Faire in New York City.  A sweepstakes winner will receive an Eco-friendly Nissan Leaf.   

Make sure to visit the above sites 
to read all the deals of the contest including the rules.
Schick’s new razor is taking up-cycling to a new level.  Their new Schick Xtreme3 Eco razor is the first razor designed for maximum sustainability, with a handle refashioned from 100 percent recycled plastic and packaging made of 100 percent post-consumer paper. Because they are recycling plastic, Schick estimates they will rescue 103,000 pounds of virgin materials from landfills and dumps in the first year of their production. 

                                                 ENTER CONTEST

Let's Get The Party Started

Glitter  Sneaker  Project  Sheet
Summer is coming up and I have a great new project sheet for you.  These Glitter Sneakers will melt the heart of your little girl.  And the great news for you is, they are simple and quick to create.

I made these for my niece and she loves how they sparkle in the sun.  They are one of her favorite shoes to wear.  You will love how easy they are to make with fabric markers, 3-D fabric paint and glitter. 

This is one of my most popular projects.  Have a child’s party coming up?  This is a super activity for the party.  Ask the guest to bring a pair of white sneakers and you can have the instructions and art supplies on hand.  They will have fun at your party will remember your child every time they wear their sneakers.  You just may start a fashion trend in your area. 

Pick up a copy of the project sheet today.  It’s available on Magcloud in print form or digital download. 

Working in The Fast Lane

Style and Design

Do you love working in one medium?  Many crafters do.

Or, are you more like me.  Do you love working in many different mediums?  You love the challenge of mixing mediums and techniques to create an unique piece of art?

As a professional craft designer, I work in a wide range of materials.  One day I may be working with fabric paints or markers to create a child’s wearable-art project, the next day I may be designing a paper-arts project.   One client needs a 3-D paper project, the next needs a jewelry piece and a third needs a no-sew fabric bag project. 

While my style is normally romantic and sophisticated, my style changes to meet my clients’ needs.  I may need to create a cute project for a child’s project or a contemporary design for the next client.  

A non-jewelry supply client may ask for a jewelry piece for their blog or website.  They may wish me to highlight a certain product.  But my job goes beyond making a pretty bracelet.  I need a showpiece that others will be able to recreate, but will also turn heads. 

While talking to my client, I get a feel for their personality.  The project’s style will come from the client’s personality and the company’s brand.  While I bring the professionalism and creative talent, I match the company’s style.  Unless, of course, they want to break out of that box.

The colors I use will depend upon how the work will be displayed.  Will the work need to be eye-catching?  Bright colors will be on the table.  Does the project need to appeal to a woman?  Romantic colors will be the choice.

This holds true for the magazines for which I write.  The project I send to one publication will be far different than the next magazine.


Are you on Facebook?  Please join me there Be part of an exclusive group that will hear about news from me and from my professional contacts. 

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet — Shared Pleasure

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet  —  Shared Pleasure 

It is not easy finding small bunnies to place on the hat.  So, we decided to use flowers instead. 

While I used straight pins to anchor the bunny to the front of the hat, my six-year-old niece pushed the bunny cupcake toppers into the Styrofoam.  She then added the Easter eggs by pushing toothpicks into the eggs and then the other end of the toothpick into the Styrofoam.  When I asked if she wanted to glue the eggs, she told me she wants to use the eggs on her Christmas tree.  So, they have to be removable. 

I only had to ask once for her to stop so I could photographer her while she worked.  As soon as she saw me pick up my camera, she would freeze her hands until I got my shot.  I was in awe as I watched where she placed the flowers and other embellishments.  She even wanted to decorate the bunny by putting pink flowers on its head. 

She has such an eye for composition at a very yearly age.  I was surprised when she told me she had a color pattern for placing the eggs onto the hat. 

Hat Front

Once, she placed all the elements onto the hat, she announced that it was finished.  Now, all that was needed was to let the glue dry.

Back of Hat

Crafting With Love

 Many children will sit and color or draw then bring their work to you so you can hang it on your refrigerator.   That’s great, but are you missing out on a great way to bond with your child?  Crafting together, allows you to work together as a team and can bring great joy and satisfaction.

Pick projects that are fun and will allow your child success.  It doesn’t matter if their work isn’t professional quality.  They are children.  The most important part of crafting together is to be creative and just enjoy the time you are spending together.  Don’t put off creating with your child.  Do it now.

Below is a fun project sheet for you and your little girl.  My clear and simple instructions will help you both create these fun sneakers for your little girl to wear.  Simple-to-use fabric markers make this a quick and easy project.  Every little girl loves glitter and these shoes will sparkle in the sun.  You both can make them in the evening and she can wear them the next morning.

This project sheet is available as a digital download and a printed version.  This reasonable priced project sheet has step-by-step photos.  Pick up your copy today by clicking the red bar below.

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet — Prepping The Hat

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet  — Prepping The Hat

My niece would be decorating the hat, but I wanted to make it an enjoyable experience for her.  I also wanted to protect the hat so it could be used after the parade.

I went off to one of my favorite stores — The Dollar Store.  There, I not only looked for bunnies, but for something with which I could cover the crown of the hat.  That’s when I spotted bowl covers.  These thin plastic circle had elastic at the edge and would cover the top of the at nicely.  It would protect the pink ribbon and flowers around the top of the hat. 

The Dollar Store bunnies would be far too large for the hat.  So, I would have to find those somewhere else.  I was not having a good time at finding smaller bunnies at local stores.  What I did find at The Dollar Store was egg ornaments.  Glittered egg ornaments that would add sparkle to the hat.  Had to pick them up.

Next stop was a party store and that’s where I found bunny cup-cake toppers.  That would be great for my niece to use in the Styrofoam.  They were the perfect size and met the required “bunnies circling around the hat” request.

I worried that using Easter “grass” could dye the hat, so I found green material that was perfect for the crown of the hat.  The material had that great Spring green color that I love.  I was please when my niece looked at the fabric and announced, “This will be the grass, right, Aunt Carol?”  I couldn’t believe that she “got” the idea behind using the fabric before I could say a word.

I sewed the plastic and fabric to the hat since I haven’t taught my niece to sew yet.  That comes this summer.  Once the Styrofoam was glued to the fabric on the hat, it was time for my niece to decorate the hat.

Tomorrow:  Finishing The Hat

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - The Challenge

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - The Challenge

“You have to help me make an Easter Bonnet for my Parade, Aunt Carol”.   Yes, those are the words that will send a smile across the face of  the most seasoned professional craft designer.  Here’s a chance to craft with my six-year-old niece.  A thousand ideas float through my head as I ask her what she would like to create.

“I want bunnies.  Lots of bunnies.”  Knowing that my idea of “lots of bunnies” can be far different than a six-year-old child, I asked her to draw her design on a piece of paper.

“I don’t know how to draw bunnies, just dogs.”  Suppressing laughter, I told her just to put long ears on the dogs.  Her drawing was so tiny that it could fit onto a quarter.  Circling the little hat was a ring of dogs with long ears.

Lucky for me, finding a hat was the least of my shopping dilemmas.  The cute hat I found cost less than five dollars at a local discount store.  From this hat a masterpiece would be built.

Bunnies.  How would I attach all those bunnies? Sure I could use glue, but I know my niece would be heartbroken if all those bunnies could not be removed from the hat.  That is when I decided to go with Styrofoam.  Standing in the aisle of a local craft store, I noticed a Styrofoam ring.  With luck, it would fit around the top of the hat.

It did not.  So, I started shaving away layers of the Styrofoam from the inside of the ring.  If you do this, you must do it slowing and do not use a lot of pressure.  The Styrofoam can break.

I ended cutting the ring in half so it would fit flat against the hat. 

Tomorrow: The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - Prepping The Hat

Talented Grandmother and Mother

I come from a very talented family.  My mom is an expert seamstress who made all of our clothes when we were growing up.  She even made suites for my brothers and a tux for my dad.  She has reupholster her favorite sofa a few times as well.  She loves the sofa’s design and just can’t part with the frame.

My mom and I get our talents from my grandmother, Juliana, and my grandfather, John.  Juliana and John were very talented and very creative. 

My grandfather looked at an old wool shirt and saw mittens.  He had the ablitiy to look beyond the object and create something else.  He made his own pattern for the mittens. He had an eye for creative thinking.  Grandmom crochet beautiful tablecloths and doilies.  Her Christmas tree was a work of art.

Before she died, she made these pretty blue-trimmed shoes for me and a yellow pair for my mom.  She found the pattern in a magazine.  Little did she think that all these later, her granddaughter would be a professional craft designer and write articles for national craft magazines.

The table, on which I photographed the shoes, is her kitchen table.  I resuced it from my grandfather’s basement.  It’s old and not in the best condition, but it’s mine and I love it.  Every time I look at it I think of my family and the love and talents we share. 

Tomorrow:  Spring Bonnet

Romantic Journal

Make sure to visit
for more projects 

This journal is simple and quick to make and is a great project for all ages.

The base is a manila folder to which poppy-red paper is glued.  Inside pages are tied to the spine of the journal with matching ribbon.

Lace is glued to the front of the journal and then Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ from® are used to embellish the lace.

Tulip ® Glam-It-Up! Iron-On Studs™ and Tulip ® Glam-It-Up! Iron-On Crystals™ are attached to the lace with Aleene's ® Original Tacky Glue™.  


Tomorrow:  What goes around, comes around