The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet — Shared Pleasure

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet  —  Shared Pleasure 

It is not easy finding small bunnies to place on the hat.  So, we decided to use flowers instead. 

While I used straight pins to anchor the bunny to the front of the hat, my six-year-old niece pushed the bunny cupcake toppers into the Styrofoam.  She then added the Easter eggs by pushing toothpicks into the eggs and then the other end of the toothpick into the Styrofoam.  When I asked if she wanted to glue the eggs, she told me she wants to use the eggs on her Christmas tree.  So, they have to be removable. 

I only had to ask once for her to stop so I could photographer her while she worked.  As soon as she saw me pick up my camera, she would freeze her hands until I got my shot.  I was in awe as I watched where she placed the flowers and other embellishments.  She even wanted to decorate the bunny by putting pink flowers on its head. 

She has such an eye for composition at a very yearly age.  I was surprised when she told me she had a color pattern for placing the eggs onto the hat. 

Hat Front

Once, she placed all the elements onto the hat, she announced that it was finished.  Now, all that was needed was to let the glue dry.

Back of Hat

Crafting With Love

 Many children will sit and color or draw then bring their work to you so you can hang it on your refrigerator.   That’s great, but are you missing out on a great way to bond with your child?  Crafting together, allows you to work together as a team and can bring great joy and satisfaction.

Pick projects that are fun and will allow your child success.  It doesn’t matter if their work isn’t professional quality.  They are children.  The most important part of crafting together is to be creative and just enjoy the time you are spending together.  Don’t put off creating with your child.  Do it now.

Below is a fun project sheet for you and your little girl.  My clear and simple instructions will help you both create these fun sneakers for your little girl to wear.  Simple-to-use fabric markers make this a quick and easy project.  Every little girl loves glitter and these shoes will sparkle in the sun.  You both can make them in the evening and she can wear them the next morning.

This project sheet is available as a digital download and a printed version.  This reasonable priced project sheet has step-by-step photos.  Pick up your copy today by clicking the red bar below.


  1. I love the colors of the hat and its adorable!

  2. I love the hat & that you made it with your niece! Someday she will teach her little ones to create. What a gift you've given her!


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