Craft and Hobby Association Summer Show - Getting Ready

There is always that feeling.  It’s small and fleeting, but it’s always there.  It’s that tiny feeling right after you accept that special job or face a big project.  It’s a short moment of time.  It always appears when a project is new to you.  It comes right after that joy of hearing the word yes.  
What’s that feeling?


That’s the moment that you realize that you now have to achieve what you have been asked or volunteered to do.  Even though you know you can do it, those butterflies visit your stomach just for a few seconds, then you move on with the job at hand.  You accepted the challenge, now it’s time to soar.

I am part of the Craft Couture Event at the Craft and Hobby Association Summer Show which will be held in Chicago in a few weeks.  It was a decision that I didn’t make lightly.  After all, I would have to create a mixed-media dress for the event.  Which, by the way, has to be transported via “carry on”.   (translation:  it needs to be compact)

Inspiration comes from many sources. 

Mine comes from visual experiences.  A trip to a Smithsonian museum in DC, a jaunt to the waters in Alexandria, VA or a past experience of walking on the beach.   

These could come together to provide me with the design I need. 

My design uses wonderful dyes from Tulip®.  These one-step dyes are rich and give great color.  Custom colors are easy to achieve using these dyes.   

 A special THANK YOU 
for their generous use of their products in my project.

The dress is under wraps until the show starts later in July. 
I’ll make sure to post photos of the dress 
and interesting products from 
CHA’s summer show on my 
Blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts.  
Stay tuned!  

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