Scrapbook-Paper-Covered Book

Walk into a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware store and you will find the latest trend in home décor.   This look is heavy and solid.  Weathered furniture gives the feeling that it has been around and passed down from our grandparents. 

Here’s a simple and quick accessory project that you can do in minutes.  It can be done with items you have around your house.  Just take a look at the books that are sitting on your shelves (if you are like me, overflowing on your shelves).

Take three of them that are similar in size, grab that paper bag that you brought home from the grocery store, take that 12 by 12-inch scrapbooking paper that you never used, and look for some coordinating ribbon. 

When deciding what books to use, you will want to pick one that is about 7-inches, the middle one should be around 6-inches, and the last books should be about 5-inches in height.  The all should be similar in width.  These measurements do not need to be exact. 

We’ll start with the scrapbook paper to cover the middle (6-inch) book.  I went with a blue paper because I am using it in a blue room with a dark wood mantel.  But, you can use any color scrapbook paper you would like to match your décor.  Just remember that if you use natural-color paper bags, you want to use a rich-colored scrapbook paper. 

If you use white paper bags, then you can use any color scrapbook paper you would like.  I know that it’s not easy to find stores that carry white paper bags, so you can use white scrapbooking paper.  Imagine this project in a little girl’s room with white-embossed scrapbooking paper for two of the books and a pretty pink for the center book. 

Start by placing your book on the blank side of the scrapbook paper.  Wrap the scrapbook paper around the width of the book to make sure you have enough paper to cover the book.

While the book is still on the scrapbook paper, fold the top of the scrapbook paper to the top edge of the book.  This will produce a crease in the paper.  Repeat this step with the bottom of the scrapbook paper and the book.

Remove the book and fold the scrapbook paper along the crease lines.

Put the book back on the scrapbook paper (as seen in the photo) and wrap the scrapbook paper around the width of the book.

Fold the edges of the scrapbook paper and tuck the book covers in the folded scrapbook paper.  

Tomorrow, we will continue with the recycled paper.

Tomorrow:  Recycled book cover