Let's Get The Party Started

Glitter  Sneaker  Project  Sheet
Summer is coming up and I have a great new project sheet for you.  These Glitter Sneakers will melt the heart of your little girl.  And the great news for you is, they are simple and quick to create.

I made these for my niece and she loves how they sparkle in the sun.  They are one of her favorite shoes to wear.  You will love how easy they are to make with fabric markers, 3-D fabric paint and glitter. 

This is one of my most popular projects.  Have a child’s party coming up?  This is a super activity for the party.  Ask the guest to bring a pair of white sneakers and you can have the instructions and art supplies on hand.  They will have fun at your party will remember your child every time they wear their sneakers.  You just may start a fashion trend in your area. 

Pick up a copy of the project sheet today.  It’s available on Magcloud in print form or digital download.