IlovetoCreate to the arts and crafts rescue

This year, the Designer’s Showcase was a two-day event at the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Trade Show and Conference.   The CHA Professional Designer Section can purchase tables at the Designer Showcase event, which is set up in a room away from the maddening crowds of the trade show. 

As the Professional Designers were discussing getting ready for the event, a representative from ILoveToCreate lets us know that they will be putting together a “Rescue” kit for our room.  Things like tape, glue, and paint for any mishaps that happen to our display during traveling.

Well, we all assume it was one kit for the entire room.  The Professional Designers were shocked by the generosity of those at ILoveToCreate.  It wasn’t a kit for the entire room, but a kit for each and ever Professional Designer who was exhibiting in the Designer Showcase.

We each received a goody box over flowing with ILoveToCreate products to meet our needs.  It included water, tissues, and candy.  They thought of everything.  Not only do they make great products but they are an awesome company.  

ILoveToCreate has provided me with product for articles and even for my Spring Trends report.  Make sure to visit them to see all their great products!

Professionalism at it’s best!
 Ever wonder what it takes to be one of CHA’s Professional Designers?  Do you think you have the right stuff and qualifications?  Ever wonder what are the benefits to belonging to the Craft and Hobby Association?  You should check it out today.

Tomorrow:  What is tiny and made from clay?