Making A Good Connection

Some rubber stampers asked me how I get perfect images from clear rubber stamps.  Apparently, some stampers are forced to use pigment ink, but long to use dye inks.

Here’s my secret for increasing your chances of a perfect image and saving money at the same time.

I always make sure I wash and dry all stamps when I first take them out of the package.   Many times, this will solve the problem.  If not, many stampers will use Pounce, but I use inexpensive baby powder.  Make sure it’s plain paper powder without additives. 

I only stamp on white paper - Bristol.  I love how smooth the paper is and it’s sturdy.  I may use ink to color the paper first, but I always start with out with white Bristol paper when stamping.  

To use the baby powder, I place a small amount of powder on a paper dish.  Then I use an inexpensive large makeup brush to dust the powder over the paper. (Dip the brush into the powder and then tap the brush to remove the excess powder.)

You are giving the paper a very light dusting which cannot be seen on the paper.  

Make sure you are using a well-inked inkpad when stamping your images.

Hope these tips will help you achieve that perfect image!

Tomorrow: Making a bracelet in a snap!