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       The first Monday of every month the Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop is where Professional Craft Designers inspire you through our blog posts.  Join us as we create a post that revolves around one subject and each of the Professional Craft Designers in our group creates a post about that subject.  There are so many great projects to inspire and captivate you.  

   This month, our topic is Quick and Easy Jewelry.  Once you finish reading my blog, you can hop forward or backward by clicking on the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop button which is in the right column of my blog.  It is a permanent button so you may hop through the blogs every time you visit my blog. 

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   Every day this week, I will post a fun jewelry project on my blog.  Many of them will include step-by-step instructions, while other projects are shown to inspire you.  Make sure to visit my tutorial page to see some pretty projects for you to create.

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Ribbon Bracelet

   The first project this week is my ribbon bracelet which I created for Velcro®.  It is perfect for the summer and once you learn the technique, you can create it in many different colors.  This is an awesome bracelet to wear with jeans or a pretty white dress.  Of course, it uses the hottest summer color—Tangerine.   

   The crystal beads used in the design sparkle in the daylight and moon light.  If you close your eyes, you can picture yourself wearing this bracelet during a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant.   

   The bracelet is cool to wear because of the open weave.  The substantial size of the bracelet is another hot trend for this summer.  This is one bracelet that you HAVE to have, but you won’t find it in any store.  The simple to create instructions let you create this handmade bracelet: INSTRUCTIONS..  

Do you sell your crafts or would like to know more about craft making?  Make sure to read my series on Selling Your Crafts

Impress Art Blog Hop – Saturday, May 12, 2012
   Make sure to visit my blog on Saturday, May 12, for the Impress Art Blog Hop sponsored by Impress Art Metal Stamps.  The nation’s top professional craft designers will be showing you how you can create amazing crafts with Impress Art metal stamps.

   They have this awesome new hammer that makes stamping on metal, child’s play.  I’ve tried other hammers before and never get a great impression.  I had wonderful results with this hammer.  So, visit my blog on May 12th and not only will you find great instructions to a fun craft project, but you will learn all about the new hammer that I love.

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*Note: The photograph is NOT the giveaway.  It's just to show you their product line.