November Designer Craft Connection Blog Hop

Can you believe that it is November already?  To celebrate the season, Julie McGuffee had a great giveaway and you can find the winners of the Sizzix Sidekick with 2 sets of Sizzlets alphabet dies at her blog.  Also, learn all about the Flip-Pal™ Mobile Scanner and giveaway announcement on her blog as well.  You can find out more about it by visiting Julie McGuffee’s Blog.  

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My project for the November DCC Blog Hop is an altered napkin ring.

The multi-colored napkin ring is fading and out of date.  It needs a new look.  So gold paint is my answer to recycle and upcycle these wooden rings. 

While it looks great with the gold paint, I want more.  The holidays are coming, and I want one set of napkin rings to take me from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond.  But, I want different looks.  What’s a professional craft designer to do? Turn to Velcro®, of course.

Ultra-Mate® by Velcro® allows me to change the look of my napkin ring in a twinkle of an eye. 

This heavy duty, thin fastener has a low profile making it perfect for this eligant design.  The gold napkin ring serves as a base for different embellishments which I design. 
I place the hook oval on the napkin ring and the loop oval on my flowers.  I use gold flowers for Thanksgiving and red ribbon roses for Christmas.  

Some families use paper napkins around the holidays.  If you are one of those families, coordinate the top embellishment of the napkin ring with your paper napkins.

Have fun creating your own napkin rings for the holidays!  

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Craft Secrets Newspaper 
with Carol Heppner

Make sure to visit my new Craft Secrets Newspaper - published every morning and night.   

You will find creative stories from across the web for your reading pleasure.  Be your creative informed best when you read Craft Secrets with Carol Heppner.  

Golden Coin Chic

Make this  fashionable necklace for the holidays by following these simple to follow instructions. You will love the looks you will get when you tell them that the golden coins and pendant frame was created with paper and Viva Decor products.

There is another surprise with this necklace and is in the center of the frame.  You'll have to read the instructions to know the surprise! 

Pasquale Lopetrone
I would like to introduce you to my cousin, Pasquale Lopetrone.  

Pasquale lives in the same town in which my great grandparents lived before they moved to the USA.   My great grandparents passed down their love of San Giovanni in Fiore, Italy, to their son, John (Giovanni).  John passed the love of SGF to my mom, Anna May, and my  mom, to me.

Pasquale and I are very close cousins.  We share the same passions for art, photography, and genealogy.  

My Italian "brother" and I have spent years working on our Universal Lopetrone Family Tree.  We were joined by others in the Lopetrone family to document many family members.   This is easier to do since the Lopetrone family is a very small family.  There have only been about a thousand Lopetrones from the 1600s (from our first documented Lopetrone "grandfather") to present times.

Thanks to Pasquale's help, my branch of the Lopetrone Tree is the only one to be complete from 1535 to present.  I am very proud of Pasquale and his accomplishments and would love to share his professional life with you.  

Pasquale is a Historic Architect and has overseen many restoration projects for Calabria, Italy.  Pasquale has created a website and I would love you to pay it a visit.  There, you will find his restoration projects, discoveries, and publications.  The website is in Italian, but you can use free translation tools (Google Chrome  will automatically translate it for you) to read the text.  

Just Steampunk - Quantum Love

Just Steampunk, a new magazine, is jam packed with over 300 great steampunk projects by fantastic artists.  You will find three of my steampunk jewelry projects in this issue.  The photograph shows part of my necklace, Quantum Love.

My husband is a scientist, so I wanted to create a necklace that paid homage to science.  While he is a meteorologist, I decided to celebrate Quantum Physics.  

The beads represent the protons and neutrons.  The crystals symbolize light, while the wing and firefly stand for the wave function.  The watch and protractor parts speak to the measurement of time.  And, the string used for the beads?  Why, String Theory, of course.

Check out Just Steampunk now! 

Share Your Love of Crafting!

The holidays are fast approaching.  Share your love of crafting by giving one of my tutorials as a gift.  

The tutorials contain simple-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs.  Each tutorial is printed on quality paper and comes directly to you from Magcloud.  They are priced low so you can pick up a few different tutorials for the crafters in your life.

The tutorials make great gifts for teachers, scout leaders, students, or for you.  

You can use the instructions to create an activity for your party and give them as party favors for your guest to take home with them.   

You know how much you enjoy crafting, share that love with your family and friends. Pick up a tutorial today!