Just Steampunk - Quantum Love

Just Steampunk, a new magazine, is jam packed with over 300 great steampunk projects by fantastic artists.  You will find three of my steampunk jewelry projects in this issue.  The photograph shows part of my necklace, Quantum Love.

My husband is a scientist, so I wanted to create a necklace that paid homage to science.  While he is a meteorologist, I decided to celebrate Quantum Physics.  

The beads represent the protons and neutrons.  The crystals symbolize light, while the wing and firefly stand for the wave function.  The watch and protractor parts speak to the measurement of time.  And, the string used for the beads?  Why, String Theory, of course.

Check out Just Steampunk now! 

Share Your Love of Crafting!

The holidays are fast approaching.  Share your love of crafting by giving one of my tutorials as a gift.  

The tutorials contain simple-to-follow instructions and step-by-step photographs.  Each tutorial is printed on quality paper and comes directly to you from Magcloud.  They are priced low so you can pick up a few different tutorials for the crafters in your life.

The tutorials make great gifts for teachers, scout leaders, students, or for you.  

You can use the instructions to create an activity for your party and give them as party favors for your guest to take home with them.   

You know how much you enjoy crafting, share that love with your family and friends. Pick up a tutorial today! 

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