Delicate Ribbon Bracelet

This fun bracelet is easy to create.  Children of all ages will love wearing this pretty bracelet and you will love making it.  It also makes a great party or group activity.  

Beads in a Bottle™ and gems by Tulip®, ILoveToCreate® on shimmering ribbon for a very delicate look.   With the wide-range of ribbons in stores, you can alter the look of this project to fit any colored outfit need. 

Just measure the wrist and add one inch to that dimension.  Cut the ribbon to that measurement and create ½” folds in the ribbon edges.  

Slip a tiny hair elastic onto one side of the folded edge and use Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive Pen to glue the folded end of the ribbon.  I like to cover the area with waxed paper and then a clothes pin to hold the ribbon firmly.  Let this in place until the glue is dry.

Sew a decorative button on the opposite folded end of the ribbon.  Then, decorate the ribbon with your favorite Beads in a Bottle™ paint and gems.  The gems are glued to the ribbon with the bead paint.      

To wear, just place the ribbon on your wrist and then slip the hair tie over the button.

New Paper-Arts Tutorial - Polyester Fiberfill 101

Announcing a brand new paper-arts tutorial called Polyester Fiberfill 101 by Carol Heppner.

Learn how to use Polyester Fiberfill to apply pigment ink to your paper-arts projects. Do you like the grunge look or want to give your paper an old-world feel? Want to create a romantic looking card?  This technique will help you apply ink to your paper with ease.

In this tutorial, you will learn the tricks that will allow you to color all sizes of paper.  Take plain white paper and turn it into your own, customized background paper.  This is a great technique for all your paper-arts projects.

The tutorial also contains instructions for creating easy, yet gorgeous greeting cards using the Polyester Fiberfill 101 techniques.
Carol's Chronicles
8 pages, published 23 SEP 2011
This paper-arts tutorial, Polyester Fiberfill 101 by Carol Heppner, is a great guide to show you how to use Polyester Fiberfill to apply pigment ink to your paper-arts projects. Yes, the same material that is used in stuffing pillows is a wonderful tool to apply ink. In this tutorial, you will learn the tricks that will allow you to color all sizes of paper with ease. Take plain white paper and turn it into your own, customized background …

Fellow Craft and Hobby Association Designer, Brenda Pinnick, will be on the Home Shopping Network on September 26, 2011.

During the first hour she will sell her Sizzix® Textured Impressions and an XL BIGZ stationery die with a decorative edge.  Her second hour will be her own new stamp line.

I was hired me to  to create a few samples for her appearance.  
This is a quick look at some of those samples. 

Cards can take on a whole new dimension when you add texture. Brenda's textures are elegant and festive.  My bird-house card can be used for all types of events such as garden parties, announcing a move to a new home, birthday greetings, get well wishes, or just saying hello . 

 I wanted to create two sophisticated cards for Halloween...avoiding the cute ghouls and goblins for my fang-fest celebration and so Brenda’s die and rubber stamps were used for haunting-couture cards that drip with elegance. 

Feather’s are this season’s big trend. 
Try adding a few to your creations.

You can add texture to cards,  embellishments, and altered-art projects easily with the textured dies.  I loved the sophisticated style which works great with my style.  I also found the dies and rubber stamps to be great quality and easy to use.   


 On many of the samples I used my Polyester Fiberfill technique which adds more interest to designs by giving it added color or an aged look.  Check out my Carol's Chronicles to learn more this fun technique.  It can be found on  the left column of this blog. 

Beads in a Bottle (tm) to the Rescue

 I love wearing sandals and when my favorite grey sandals started to get a bit scuffed, I was disappointed.  The upper grey material was showing its white lining and the sandals were looking old after a few days wear. 

Normally, I would grab markers to hide nicks and scrapes.  But, I wanted something that would provide some protection from water as well.  That’s when I spotted the metallic Beads in a Bottle™ by Tulip®, ILoveToCreate®.   I applied a thin coat of the blue-silver colored product over the white fabric on the sandal and it matched perfectly.

Since no one is getting up close and personal to the edges of my sandals, I didn’t build up coats of Beads in a Bottle™ to completely hide the scrapes.  However, at the end of summer, I’ll do a better repair on the sandals so they are refreshed for next summer.  

Then, as faith would have it. I lost one of the stones in the center of the sandals.  Even that could not get me to part with my “loves”.  So, I just grabbed the silver metallic Beads in a Bottle™ and kept filling in the empty spot until I created my own pearl bead in the center of the sandal.  I also added extra pearls around the tops of the sandals to let the pearl in the center blend in better.
Yes, I could toss them away and just find new sandals next year.  But, where’s the fun in that?

Have you ever used your craft materials to repair something you loved to extend its usefulness?  I would love to hear about it in the comment area under this post.

Orange and Black Rubber-Stamped Card

What is orange, white, black and fun to create? This card, of course! 

You may have noticed that the color orange has been appearing in clothing, accessories, and home decor.  It started appearing late in the summer and it’s being seen more and more.

Fall is always the season for orange, but this color is gaining steam. The color orange is becoming a hot trend and you are going to be seeing a lot more of it in the coming seasons - especially in spring.

Be a trend setter by using orange in your artwork. 

Fellow Craft and Hobby Association Designer, Brenda Pinnick, will be on the Home Shopping Network on September 26, 2011.
Brenda hired me to create a few samples for her appearance on HSN and these are the rubber stamps from her collection.  I enjoyed working with them. 

I would love to know, what other colors do you see trending in your area?  Please let me know by adding a comment below.

The Blog County Fair

Being a Design Member of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) has afforded me many great opportunities, one of which is to collaborate with many of the world’s top craft-industry professionals. Two such designers, Vicki O'Dell and Laura Bray, have created a special Blog County Fair 2011 event.  

Welcome to my post on the Blog County Fair.

This year, my family and I attended the Kutztown Folk Festival, which is a great County Fair located in Pennsylvania.  The petting zoo is always a favorite and I loved that the fair made sure they had portable sinks nearby so little ones could wash their hands after feeding the farm animals.  Our family had a lot of fun feeding these cute little guys.

The Kutztown Festival celebrates traditional crafts and those exhibiting demonstrate their expertise in the countless booths.  It’s a great way for young crafters to see and sometimes try their hand at a craft.

Inspired by county fairs, I created a fun heart to add some charm to country baskets.  Pink Duct Tape was placed on cardstock and then embossed using fellow CHA designer’s (Brenda Pinnick) Textured Impressions by Sizzix®.

The Textured Impressions made it fast and easy to create a great-looking embellishment for my basket.  These would make great party craft project or favors.  

 Make sure to come back to my blog on Wednesday 
to view my card samples I created for Brenda’s 
September 26th Home Shopping Network Appearance.

The first Monday in October will have you seeing PINK on the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop when we host the Westcott Challenge.  We will be using Westcott non-stick tools to work with Duct Tape and Velcro® to create one-of-a-kind creations.  Make sure to mark your calendars and join me here so you will learn how you can win a fantastic giveaway from Westcott. 

To view other blogs in the Country Fair Blog Hop, just click HERE.

Team Velcro

Romantic Floral Bracelets on Michael's Website
Courtesy of Velcro USA

Make sure to visit Michael's project website to get the instructions to make these great bracelets.   While these are great for flower girls, they work for proms, formal occasions, or anytime when you want to feel romantic and feminine.  While on Michael's website, make sure to share the website link with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.  There is a "like" button on each project.  Make sure to pin it as well. 

These bracelets are easy and fun to make.  They are fun to wear and can make a great party project for all ages.  

Now at Walmart
Mini Fasteners by Velcro USA

It’s always the same great feeling.  You are standing in the store and you are surprised and honored as you spy your artwork on a national product.  You stand in front of the product longer than you should and drink in every second of the great feeling.  You are proud that your company had a part, albeit small, in bringing that product to market.

Suppressing the urge to stop everyone in the store to show them the package takes work, but somehow you manage it.  As you walk away from the product, you feel as if you are walking on a cloud.  Yes, that feeling never gets old. 

When you are in Walmart and wherever they sell the Mini Fasteners by Velcro USA®, check put the product.  Being part of the Velcro USA® Design Team, I have been given this product and have been using it before they hit the market and I love working with it.   

I love the low profile, which makes my work look more professional.  They have a strong hold as well.  I always say, if you want your work to look rich, use quality products.  This is a quality product that you'll love to have in your craft room. 

Mixed-Media Collage - You Make Our House A Home

I fell in love with the spectacular textured embossing cream from Viva Decor when I created this collage.The embossing cream has a nice shimmer that works great especially when you place it next to the black velvet paper.  The embossing cream glided easily over the stencils and really makes this collage a head turner. The embossing cream works on many different surfaces, but I knew I wanted to try it on white chipboard. You can see the great results. 

Viva Decor’s Stringed-Beads Technique is a fun technique that you really need to try and use in your work.  

The full instructions for this collage can be found on the Viva Decor website.   

Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop - Party Central

In my family, we use any excuse to have a party.  Birthdays, reunions, Sunday afternoon – if we can gather together, it’s Party Central.

While at my local craft store, I found sherbet glasses on sale.  There are times when I design on the fly, and this was one of those times.  I wanted to find something to do with those sherbet glasses. 

Walking through the store, I came across inexpensive hair ties.  I placed them on the bottom of the sherbet glass and I imagined “candle holders” at ever place setting.  These sherbet glasses and hair ties were going to find a home with me.

Those who will be sitting at my table will determine what type of candle I use in these festive holders.  If young children or pets are present, then I will use battery-operated tea lights.  It will give a different glow, but safety first.

These candle holders are super quick to make.  The hair ties come two to a package, so each candle holder will have two hair ties. 

Can’t find hair ties to match your color scheme?  Not a problem.  Purchase plain hair elastics and tie your own ribbons to the elastic. 

I have large and medium-size white pedestal cake dishes.  I found them at a discount store.  Placing the smaller one on top of the larger cake dish allows me to create a centerpiece with good height.  One of the candle holders will sit on the top of the smaller cake dish.  This will be surrounded with cookies. 

Mini-cupcake paper holders now come in a great array of colors and designs.  I love these black and white holders and they work great with my color scheme.  

The young children in my family are not cake eaters.  Oh, they love icing and will wipe it right off the  cupcake.  Can you blame them?  But, then we are left with uneaten cupcakes.  Instead, I am using gluten-free animal-cracker cookies in this centerpiece.   These, they will eat.  I place three cookies in a mini-cupcake holder -- kid size. 

As a side note, these days, gluten-free foods have a great taste.   They are made with exotic flours such as tapioca, rice, and corn.  The only thing they do not use is wheat, barley, or rye flours.  

 After dinner, a fun party project is the deconstruction of the individual candle holder to let party goers use Beads in a Bottle™ by Tulip®, ILoveToCreate® to decorate the hair ties.  Once dried, they can take them home as a party favor.  Every time they use them, they will think about the fun time they had at your part. 

You can use your sherbet glass for your next party.  There are some pretty fun Halloween hair ties this season.  Pick up a few on your next trip to the store.  This would work for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any holiday - or non-holiday party - throughout the year. 

The same black and white color scheme is ideal for a fun Halloween party.  Your guest will tell you that your tablescape is perfectly boo-tiful.

I would love to hear your ideas for centerpieces and favors.  Place them in the comment area below. 

Scrapbook Soup, Series 100 Giveaway

This month Julie McGuffee, Host of Scrapbook Memories/Scrapbook Soup TV, is giving one lucky person a DVD set of the new TV show, Scrapbook Soup, Series 100. 

Visit the blogs in the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop (link to the Hop is located in the right column of my blog.  

Make a note all the blogs that have the Scrapbook Soup, Series 100 logo on their blogs and then visit Julie’s blog.  

Place the list of the names of the blogs/designers on which you found the logo in Julie’s comment area.  (As you can see, I have the logo on my blog) 

Julie will announce the winner on her blog on September 15th.

Share this giveaway with those on Twitter and Facebook!

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Get your free download of this fun patriotic necklace for Labor Day and then check out my line of tutorials that are exclusively at Magcloud.  These projects and instructions will not be found elsewhere.  Order yours today. 

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Beads in a Bottle™ Rescues Summer Sandals

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Beads in a Bottle™ Bracelet 
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Shake, Rattle and Rain

Never would I have guessed that my creative muse, Kamilly, was such a close friend of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth.   Apparently, they are party girls.  Such great fans of Carole King, they wanted to share that “I felt the earth move and the sky come tumbling down...” festive mood they were in during the week of August 23, 2011. 

I was at home, trying to work. The girls had other plans for me.  My printer is right next to my bed, so I was sitting on the bed printing out instructions for my next magazine article.  That’s when the girls sprung into action.  I felt my bed jump. 

My first thought was that my cat was trapped under the bed.  A few seconds later, the bed shook stronger and this made me more concerned about that silly cat that HAD to be under the bed.  (No, I never thought that it would have had to be a very strong cat.)

Then, I heard it.  A very soft tapping sound appeared behind me.  As if in slow motion, I turned my head in disbelief and stared at the framed artwork above my bedroom desk.  My eyes widened as the soft tapping continued.

Two things happened simultaneously.  The word earthquake flashed like a neon sign in my mind and I flew to the bedroom doorway.  

There, I clung as I tried to remain upright.  The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas Grade School, who drilled us on earthquakes, served me well.  How did they know that despite living in Northeast Pennsylvania, I would need to know what to do in an earthquake in the East?  But, I digress.

Still in disbelief, I watched as the floor bounced harder, as if the house were on a trampoline.   Artwork rained down all around me. 

When the shaking stopped, the swaying began.  While I struggled to stay on my feet, the room shifted left to right and then back again.  I never knew how flexible this house was.  Gaia was having fun making the house dance. 

Gaia and Kamilly decided to invite another friend to the party. Four days later, Irene paid a visit.  Thankfully, she didn’t live up to her reputation and we escaped with minor cosmetic damage to the house. 

Irene and Gaia left over the weekend and Kamilly is dealing with a bit of a party hangover. Things seem as if they are getting back to normal.  Well, what is normal for us.

Not everyone who experienced the earthquake and hurricane were so lucky.  Please keep them in your good thoughts.