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Being a Design Member of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) has afforded me many great opportunities, one of which is to collaborate with many of the world’s top craft-industry professionals. Two such designers, Vicki O'Dell and Laura Bray, have created a special Blog County Fair 2011 event.  

Welcome to my post on the Blog County Fair.

This year, my family and I attended the Kutztown Folk Festival, which is a great County Fair located in Pennsylvania.  The petting zoo is always a favorite and I loved that the fair made sure they had portable sinks nearby so little ones could wash their hands after feeding the farm animals.  Our family had a lot of fun feeding these cute little guys.

The Kutztown Festival celebrates traditional crafts and those exhibiting demonstrate their expertise in the countless booths.  It’s a great way for young crafters to see and sometimes try their hand at a craft.

Inspired by county fairs, I created a fun heart to add some charm to country baskets.  Pink Duct Tape was placed on cardstock and then embossed using fellow CHA designer’s (Brenda Pinnick) Textured Impressions by Sizzix®.

The Textured Impressions made it fast and easy to create a great-looking embellishment for my basket.  These would make great party craft project or favors.  

 Make sure to come back to my blog on Wednesday 
to view my card samples I created for Brenda’s 
September 26th Home Shopping Network Appearance.

The first Monday in October will have you seeing PINK on the Designer Craft Connections Blog Hop when we host the Westcott Challenge.  We will be using Westcott non-stick tools to work with Duct Tape and Velcro® to create one-of-a-kind creations.  Make sure to mark your calendars and join me here so you will learn how you can win a fantastic giveaway from Westcott. 

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  2. I love your fair photos! All your photos are always great.

    The heart is wonderful. Can't wait to see what you for the Designer Blog Hop!

  3. Love that idea - embossing the Duck Tape - genius! I am originally from the Northeast and truly miss the Kutztown Fair!

  4. That is soooo clever! I would have never thought to emboss duck tape. Absolutely brilliant!

  5. Wowowowow! That's so clever to emboss duck tape! It looks like a ceramic piece. And I love your pictures from the fair - especially those piggies that seem to be trying to make a break for it. :) Have a great weekend! :)

  6. Looks like a piece of jewelry. Great photos too.

  7. Just so cute, what a darling heart!


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