Spring Collage

Pink is a favorite color among many of the women and girls in our family.    So, use pink in a craft project and it is sure to be liked.  Maybe it is the pink of the cherry blossoms that seem to fill our world or the pink of the tulips that bloom in our gardens, but whatever the reason – we love pink.

When it came time to create my project for Viva Décor’s March blog post, I wanted to do something that was fresh and young.  I also wanted something that all ages could create and have fun doing together. 

The base uses aluminum flashing, which can be found at any home supply store.  It comes in 5 by 7 sheets and you would be surprised how easy it is to cut aluminum flashing.  I also use a craft punch to punch the holes in it even though I have a metal hole punch. 

The feet of the collage are created with clothes pins.  You can find these at the dollar store. 

What’s nice about this project is that you can change the collage throughout the year.  You can use the base to display photos or greeting cards.  It can also hold a menu card for your dinner parties. 

Make sure to visit Viva Décor for the FREE instructions for this collage project.   The project will open in a new window on your browser.

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