Craft Pompom Animals

Craft your own little zoo with this wonderful craft book.  It is sure to be one of your favorite craft books of all time.

When I was asked if I wanted to review this fun craft book, I jumped at the chance.  Who wouldn’t?   They had me as soon as I saw that adorable cover and the inside of this craft book delivers as well. 

There are 25 delightful animals that you can make with Myko’s easy-to-follow instructions.  The first part of the book has everything you need to know about the craft materials you need to the basic craft instructions that will be used on all 25 charming animals – 26 if you count the fact that the little horse can be made into a unicorn.  There is also a resource list in the back of the craft book that will help you find everything you need to make these little cuties. 

Unlike other craft books, there is even a Tips and Troubleshooting Guide that will aid you in crafting.

Some of the endearing pompom creatures you can craft are birds, bunnies and kittens as well as an elephant, ladybug, teddy bear, pony, turkey and more. 

Make sure to check out this delightful craft book today!  You will be glad that you did.

About the Author:
Myko Diann Bocek grew up on a small farm in Delaware where she raised a menagerie of animals, and this childhood experience influences her work as an artist. She creates animals out of pompoms and needle-felted details and sells them through her Etsy shop ( Her work has been featured in Better Homes & Gardens and Celebrate 365.

Adventures in Pompom Land:
25 Cute Projects Made From Handmade Pompoms
By Myko Diann Bocek
ISBN: 9781454703860
$17.95 US; Paper
All in color; 8 X 10