Beads in a Bottle (tm) to the Rescue

 I love wearing sandals and when my favorite grey sandals started to get a bit scuffed, I was disappointed.  The upper grey material was showing its white lining and the sandals were looking old after a few days wear. 

Normally, I would grab markers to hide nicks and scrapes.  But, I wanted something that would provide some protection from water as well.  That’s when I spotted the metallic Beads in a Bottle™ by Tulip®, ILoveToCreate®.   I applied a thin coat of the blue-silver colored product over the white fabric on the sandal and it matched perfectly.

Since no one is getting up close and personal to the edges of my sandals, I didn’t build up coats of Beads in a Bottle™ to completely hide the scrapes.  However, at the end of summer, I’ll do a better repair on the sandals so they are refreshed for next summer.  

Then, as faith would have it. I lost one of the stones in the center of the sandals.  Even that could not get me to part with my “loves”.  So, I just grabbed the silver metallic Beads in a Bottle™ and kept filling in the empty spot until I created my own pearl bead in the center of the sandal.  I also added extra pearls around the tops of the sandals to let the pearl in the center blend in better.
Yes, I could toss them away and just find new sandals next year.  But, where’s the fun in that?

Have you ever used your craft materials to repair something you loved to extend its usefulness?  I would love to hear about it in the comment area under this post.

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  1. I love the way the finished sandals look. Thanks for entering it in the Blog County Fair!


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