Shake, Rattle and Rain

Never would I have guessed that my creative muse, Kamilly, was such a close friend of Gaia, the Greek goddess of the Earth.   Apparently, they are party girls.  Such great fans of Carole King, they wanted to share that “I felt the earth move and the sky come tumbling down...” festive mood they were in during the week of August 23, 2011. 

I was at home, trying to work. The girls had other plans for me.  My printer is right next to my bed, so I was sitting on the bed printing out instructions for my next magazine article.  That’s when the girls sprung into action.  I felt my bed jump. 

My first thought was that my cat was trapped under the bed.  A few seconds later, the bed shook stronger and this made me more concerned about that silly cat that HAD to be under the bed.  (No, I never thought that it would have had to be a very strong cat.)

Then, I heard it.  A very soft tapping sound appeared behind me.  As if in slow motion, I turned my head in disbelief and stared at the framed artwork above my bedroom desk.  My eyes widened as the soft tapping continued.

Two things happened simultaneously.  The word earthquake flashed like a neon sign in my mind and I flew to the bedroom doorway.  

There, I clung as I tried to remain upright.  The Sisters of St. Thomas Aquinas Grade School, who drilled us on earthquakes, served me well.  How did they know that despite living in Northeast Pennsylvania, I would need to know what to do in an earthquake in the East?  But, I digress.

Still in disbelief, I watched as the floor bounced harder, as if the house were on a trampoline.   Artwork rained down all around me. 

When the shaking stopped, the swaying began.  While I struggled to stay on my feet, the room shifted left to right and then back again.  I never knew how flexible this house was.  Gaia was having fun making the house dance. 

Gaia and Kamilly decided to invite another friend to the party. Four days later, Irene paid a visit.  Thankfully, she didn’t live up to her reputation and we escaped with minor cosmetic damage to the house. 

Irene and Gaia left over the weekend and Kamilly is dealing with a bit of a party hangover. Things seem as if they are getting back to normal.  Well, what is normal for us.

Not everyone who experienced the earthquake and hurricane were so lucky.  Please keep them in your good thoughts. 

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