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Romantic Floral Bracelets on Michael's Website
Courtesy of Velcro USA

Make sure to visit Michael's project website to get the instructions to make these great bracelets.   While these are great for flower girls, they work for proms, formal occasions, or anytime when you want to feel romantic and feminine.  While on Michael's website, make sure to share the website link with your family and friends on Facebook or Twitter.  There is a "like" button on each project.  Make sure to pin it as well. 

These bracelets are easy and fun to make.  They are fun to wear and can make a great party project for all ages.  

Now at Walmart
Mini Fasteners by Velcro USA

It’s always the same great feeling.  You are standing in the store and you are surprised and honored as you spy your artwork on a national product.  You stand in front of the product longer than you should and drink in every second of the great feeling.  You are proud that your company had a part, albeit small, in bringing that product to market.

Suppressing the urge to stop everyone in the store to show them the package takes work, but somehow you manage it.  As you walk away from the product, you feel as if you are walking on a cloud.  Yes, that feeling never gets old. 

When you are in Walmart and wherever they sell the Mini Fasteners by Velcro USA®, check put the product.  Being part of the Velcro USA® Design Team, I have been given this product and have been using it before they hit the market and I love working with it.   

I love the low profile, which makes my work look more professional.  They have a strong hold as well.  I always say, if you want your work to look rich, use quality products.  This is a quality product that you'll love to have in your craft room. 

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