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In my family, we use any excuse to have a party.  Birthdays, reunions, Sunday afternoon – if we can gather together, it’s Party Central.

While at my local craft store, I found sherbet glasses on sale.  There are times when I design on the fly, and this was one of those times.  I wanted to find something to do with those sherbet glasses. 

Walking through the store, I came across inexpensive hair ties.  I placed them on the bottom of the sherbet glass and I imagined “candle holders” at ever place setting.  These sherbet glasses and hair ties were going to find a home with me.

Those who will be sitting at my table will determine what type of candle I use in these festive holders.  If young children or pets are present, then I will use battery-operated tea lights.  It will give a different glow, but safety first.

These candle holders are super quick to make.  The hair ties come two to a package, so each candle holder will have two hair ties. 

Can’t find hair ties to match your color scheme?  Not a problem.  Purchase plain hair elastics and tie your own ribbons to the elastic. 

I have large and medium-size white pedestal cake dishes.  I found them at a discount store.  Placing the smaller one on top of the larger cake dish allows me to create a centerpiece with good height.  One of the candle holders will sit on the top of the smaller cake dish.  This will be surrounded with cookies. 

Mini-cupcake paper holders now come in a great array of colors and designs.  I love these black and white holders and they work great with my color scheme.  

The young children in my family are not cake eaters.  Oh, they love icing and will wipe it right off the  cupcake.  Can you blame them?  But, then we are left with uneaten cupcakes.  Instead, I am using gluten-free animal-cracker cookies in this centerpiece.   These, they will eat.  I place three cookies in a mini-cupcake holder -- kid size. 

As a side note, these days, gluten-free foods have a great taste.   They are made with exotic flours such as tapioca, rice, and corn.  The only thing they do not use is wheat, barley, or rye flours.  

 After dinner, a fun party project is the deconstruction of the individual candle holder to let party goers use Beads in a Bottle™ by Tulip®, ILoveToCreate® to decorate the hair ties.  Once dried, they can take them home as a party favor.  Every time they use them, they will think about the fun time they had at your part. 

You can use your sherbet glass for your next party.  There are some pretty fun Halloween hair ties this season.  Pick up a few on your next trip to the store.  This would work for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any holiday - or non-holiday party - throughout the year. 

The same black and white color scheme is ideal for a fun Halloween party.  Your guest will tell you that your tablescape is perfectly boo-tiful.

I would love to hear your ideas for centerpieces and favors.  Place them in the comment area below. 

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