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Style and Design

Do you love working in one medium?  Many crafters do.

Or, are you more like me.  Do you love working in many different mediums?  You love the challenge of mixing mediums and techniques to create an unique piece of art?

As a professional craft designer, I work in a wide range of materials.  One day I may be working with fabric paints or markers to create a child’s wearable-art project, the next day I may be designing a paper-arts project.   One client needs a 3-D paper project, the next needs a jewelry piece and a third needs a no-sew fabric bag project. 

While my style is normally romantic and sophisticated, my style changes to meet my clients’ needs.  I may need to create a cute project for a child’s project or a contemporary design for the next client.  

A non-jewelry supply client may ask for a jewelry piece for their blog or website.  They may wish me to highlight a certain product.  But my job goes beyond making a pretty bracelet.  I need a showpiece that others will be able to recreate, but will also turn heads. 

While talking to my client, I get a feel for their personality.  The project’s style will come from the client’s personality and the company’s brand.  While I bring the professionalism and creative talent, I match the company’s style.  Unless, of course, they want to break out of that box.

The colors I use will depend upon how the work will be displayed.  Will the work need to be eye-catching?  Bright colors will be on the table.  Does the project need to appeal to a woman?  Romantic colors will be the choice.

This holds true for the magazines for which I write.  The project I send to one publication will be far different than the next magazine.


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