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I love Facebook. It allows me to connect with my family and friends on a daily basis. It's fun seeing what is going on in their lives through their written posts and photos.  It "ties" us together.

Through Facebook, I have located extended family, which allows our families to learn more about our histories and to reconnect. I have always enjoyed being with my cousins. Now, I have the joy of knowing my second and third cousins because of FB. It's like I knew them all my life. Yes, family runs deep and I love having them in my life.

My Lopetrone Family history goes back to the 1500s and all Lopetrones' first grandfather was Antonio di Petrone - which makes us all cousins... and I am on FB with many of my Lopetrone cousins. We live all over the world and we have Pasquale Lopetrone to thank for connecting all of us.

I am on Facebook with friends from grade and high school -- and even two of my former teachers are on FB with my classmates. I am even friends with my husband’s school mates. (Go Penn State)

I also have the pleasure of having my design and artist friends on FB with me. They are quick to inspire and share what they are doing.  This allows me to share their news with you on my FB page.  I would love you to join me on Facebook!

Facebook is a great book to find pages of your favorite professional craft designers and craft groups.  So, what do you like about FB?

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