Photo Friday

My photograph for this Photo Friday is a little bracelet that I made with an old spoon.  These are some of my favorite bracelets to make. 


  1. so cute I can just see some great possibilities.A few questions: "How do you cut the end off the spoon, and is the metal soft enough to bend??" Some of the spoons I have do not want to bend? Do you use a cheaper spoon or a real vintage spoon?

  2. Glad you like the bracelet. I use a jeweler's handsaw to cut the silverware and then file the edges so there are smooth. I also have a metal bracelet mandrel on which I form the shape of the silverware stem. It is not easy to shape the stem, but I have seen silverware that is very inexpensive and thin, which may be easier to bend, but it won't give a rich look to the bracelet. Your finished piece will only look as rich as the materials you use. It takes a lot of work to get the silverware to take the shape of the bracelet mandrel. Thanks for asking!


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