The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - The Challenge

The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - The Challenge

“You have to help me make an Easter Bonnet for my Parade, Aunt Carol”.   Yes, those are the words that will send a smile across the face of  the most seasoned professional craft designer.  Here’s a chance to craft with my six-year-old niece.  A thousand ideas float through my head as I ask her what she would like to create.

“I want bunnies.  Lots of bunnies.”  Knowing that my idea of “lots of bunnies” can be far different than a six-year-old child, I asked her to draw her design on a piece of paper.

“I don’t know how to draw bunnies, just dogs.”  Suppressing laughter, I told her just to put long ears on the dogs.  Her drawing was so tiny that it could fit onto a quarter.  Circling the little hat was a ring of dogs with long ears.

Lucky for me, finding a hat was the least of my shopping dilemmas.  The cute hat I found cost less than five dollars at a local discount store.  From this hat a masterpiece would be built.

Bunnies.  How would I attach all those bunnies? Sure I could use glue, but I know my niece would be heartbroken if all those bunnies could not be removed from the hat.  That is when I decided to go with Styrofoam.  Standing in the aisle of a local craft store, I noticed a Styrofoam ring.  With luck, it would fit around the top of the hat.

It did not.  So, I started shaving away layers of the Styrofoam from the inside of the ring.  If you do this, you must do it slowing and do not use a lot of pressure.  The Styrofoam can break.

I ended cutting the ring in half so it would fit flat against the hat. 

Tomorrow: The Making of An Easter Parade Bonnet - Prepping The Hat

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  1. What a fun adventure Carol- your niece is going to love this and always remember her special time with you.


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