Spring Bracelets on Michael’s Arts and Crafts Website

Spring Bracelet
Wearable Art Spring Trend 2012:  Substantial jewelry pieces are HOT!  Join in the trend by making this beautiful bracelet for spring and summer.

Last week, I opened my email from Michael’s Arts and Crafts store’s loyalty program.  It’s a weekly email that announces sales of the week, along with showcasing some of the projects on their website.

I was pleasantly surprised that my floral bracelet that I made for Velcro® was the project featured in that email advertisement. 

The bracelet is very special because you can surround your entire wrist in flowers since the clasp has been replaced with a hook and loop fabric fastener from Velcro®

This romantic bracelet is perfect for proms and weddings.  Made with fabric flowers, the bracelet will last a long time since it is not made with live flowers.   Since it is simple to make when following the free instructions on Michael’s, you can save a lot of money.  Floral bracelets from florists can be expensive.  You can make a beautiful bracelet with Velcro®, ribbon, and beautiful fabric roses.

Imagine this bracelet in white for a christening or communion.   Use pink and yellow flowers for a child’s Easter bracelet.  What is great about this bracelet is that you can coordinate the bracelet to your special dress. 

BRACELET FREE INSTRUCTIONS (this will  open in a new tab)

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Tomorrow:  Fun and simple paper necklace for St. Pat’s Day

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  1. Very pretty bracelet! Fun that it showed up in your inbox!


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