New Home Decor Trend

While the wearable-art spring trends are all about bright colors, the new trend in home décor is a more masculine and heavy.   Solid-looking furniture pieces are rich with embellishments.  The woods are given more of a weathered finished.  It is a substantial look that gives a feeling of longevity and stability. 

You won’t find strong oranges and poppy colors, but more of a neutral and peaceful color-scheme in home décor. 

In a world that has been changing and insecure at times, this new trend helps to visually ground the home’s décor.  Because the furniture is heavier and solid, it should stand the test of time. 

We all can’t run out and purchase all new furniture when new trends pop up.  But, you can look all the great ideas in the countless store catalogs and see what you can do to change your existing pieces.  It could be as simple as how you display your accessories.  Spring is the time of new birth and change, so grab your favorite furniture catalog and try mixing up your décor.

Part of the trend is a back-to-basics look.  Think early school days and Grandma’s kitchen.  Very simple, solid, with an air of ease. 

Tomorrow, I will feature a simple project for an accessory that will help you give your room a touch of this new trend.  It’s so simple and quick to do that you can do it under ten minutes.  It’s a recyclable project too!  Here's a hint at what we're going to use: 

Tomorrow:  Trendy Décor Project

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