Review: Cousin Snap in Style™ and Make the Connection™

I received some of Cousin’s new Cousin Snap in Style™ and Make the Connection™ components from Cousin.  Have to admit, it was a bit like Christmas to open the package and see all these beautiful jewelry pieces.

In seconds, I customized a Snap in Stylenecklace and bracelet to wear out to dinner that night.  The necklace components just snapped together, making it simple and quick to interchange the pieces.

The snaps held the jewelry sections securely together, yet it was easy to change the pieces at will.  The bracelet snaps are a bit harder to snap apart, but seeing that a bracelet gets bumped and knocked about, that is a good quality.  

The only jewelry tools you will need is a set of flat-nose pliers if you want to use a jump ring to attach the Make the Connection™  to one of the sections or to another necklace. 

These lines are great for jewelry makers of all levels who would like to customize their look in seconds.  The hardest part of using these lines is deciding which piece you can’t live without.  You may want them all!

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