Snap in Style™

Have you ever wanted to create jewelry but just didn’t know where to start? There is a new line of jewelry components that will have to creating your own customized jewelry pieces in seconds. 

While at the winter Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and Conference, I went to visit my friends at the Cousin’s booth.  They gave me a tour of their new lines. That is where I fell in love with Snap in Style line. 

Imagine the ability to design and create a bracelet, necklace or ring in less than a minute.  No tools needed — you just snap and go.  You can quickly create one look for when you go to lunch with friends and a second look that is more upscale when you head back into the office.   It is that quick and simple. 

The bracelet base, as seen in the photo, is transformed in a snap.  The turquoise accent is easily replaced with any number of other metal accents which will coordinate with your wardrobe.  

I have always loved the quality of the Cousin products and use their products in my work. 

If you like more of a challenge, make sure to visit their blog to see a bracelet tutorial I created just for them.  It's a fun bracelet that you will love to wear this spring, summer, and fall!

Tomorrow: Duck, Duck, Rabbit

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