Today, we will finish our Natural-Home Décor Project by covering the two remaining books with the grocery bag.

Start by cutting your paper to the size you will need to cover your book. 

Because we want to have the bags to have a rough texture, start by crumbling up the cut grocery bag.  Open up the bag and smooth out the wrinkles with your hands.  Then, place it on a dish towel and iron out the wrinkles.  This gives the paper a worn look that is essential to this spring’s home décor trend.

 Follow the same steps from yesterday’s blog post to cover the two remaining books.

Once the books are covered, you can use them as they are, or tie them together with a coordinating ribbon.  

Place them in an arrangement in a bookshelf or on an end table with your lamp.  No matter where you place them, you will enjoy being a trendsetter.

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