Tea-light Enclosures for your dinner table

 Spring Lighting

Candles can be very dangerous and you never want to use them close to paper.  One day, I found these battery-operated tea lights and they opened up a world of possibilities.  After all, they are safe to use around paper. 

While I created the design on these little candle enclosures, you can use your favorite scrapbook or specialty papers.  Just remember, you want to use paper and not cardstock.  You want the glow of the tea light to shine through the paper.

You can make the tea light enclosures any height.  I make mine between three and four inches high and about six to seven inches wide.  Form a cylinder with the paper and then use a thin bead of glue to secure the ends.  Just place the battery-operated tea light in the center of the cylinder.

You can embellish this tea light enclosure, if you like.  The style and elegance of this project depends on your needs.  Having a romantic dinner party?  Use a romantic scrapbook paper.  Having a kids party?  Look for character themed papers.  You can also just use printer paper and have your children create their own designs. 

Tomorrow:  Spring Table Top Collage

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