Child's Room for Spring 2012

Looking to give your child’s room a little spring lift without having to spend hours on a craft project?  All you need is some paper, ribbon, a bit of glue, some double stick tape, a flower head and a button. 

This entire project was made with items that I already had around my studio, but you can use papers and other items that you already own.

The collage base is a green 12-inch scrapbook paper that I cut to fit inside the frame.  There is no glass in side the fame, so if your frame has glass, remove it if possible.

I cut a 4 by 8 1/2-inch strip of a pink scrapbook paper and glued that to the green paper.  Then I cut a 3 by 8 1/2-inch strip of blue scrapbook paper and attached that to the pink paper.  Your measurements will differ depending on the size of your frame.  But, don’t worry about exact measurements.  Just make the papers large enough to be seen under the ribbons.

Glue the large pink ribbon onto the blue paper and then glue the pink-checked ribbon onto the pink ribbon.  Glue the head of a flower onto the ribbons.  Make sure that it is off center for added interest.

Attach a button to the center of the flower with glue and then glue soft-green crystals to the pink-checked ribbon.  Let the glues dry.

Place the collage in the frame.  You can hang it on the wall or use it on a table grouping.  Enjoy! 

Tomorrow:  First Good Impression

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