New Rubber Stamping Product from INKADINKADO and eksuccess Brands

Gearing Up for Stamping Fun

Later this year you will be treated to a whole new way to create professional looking designs in your paper crafting.  I was able to get a sneak peek at this fun new product at the Craft and Hobby Association 2012 Winter Show.

Inkadinkado® will have a new product called:  Stamping Gear.  Rubber stamps are placed on a plastic wedge that is placed on this green stamping gear-like tool. 

I watched as the demonstrator created the most beautiful designs onto scrapbooking paper.   Every stamped image was perfectly placed on the page to give the most professional stamped-image I have ever seen.   

They had some wonderful samples at the show.  While you can use this for scrapbooking, you can also use it for greeting cards.  Take it 3-D by using it on a matt board to frame your photos.  The stamp designs I saw are very traditional and feminine, however you know all those unmounted stamps you have? You can use them as well.  You just have to make sure they fit onto the wedge and the wedge and gear are making a good connection.

I asked ekSuccess about this great new tool and they told me: "A revolution in stamping is taking shape. Introducing Inkadinkado® Stamping Gear. Whether a novice crafter or a seasoned stamp artist, Stamping Gear creates amazing, intricate designs - effortlessly. So intuitive to use, beautiful and interesting patterns begin to take form within minutes of opening the package.  Every unique design spirals out of crafter’ creativity as they experiment with the cogs, wheels and cling stamps. With endless possibilities for impressions and projects, Inkadinkado’s Stamping Gear is the future of stamping."

This is a wonderful tool that you will have to check out when it arrives in stores. It was one of the best tools I saw while at CHA.  Make sure to visit INKADINKADO's website to check out all their products. 

Tomorrow:  Kids craft project or elegant d├ęcor? You will decide. 


  1. OMG This reminds me of something I had as a kid and always wish that I never got rid of. Spirograph!! I loved that thing. You used to pin the pattern down, take the gear with the pen and make awesome art in red, green, blue and black pen. I will definitely get those stamps as it brings me back to such a care-free happy place!!

  2. Ditto. I still have my kids Spirograph! Just another example of what is old is new again...


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