Halloween Necklaces

Happy Halloween! The graphics used in the Halloween card below are from Scrapgirls.com.

Things to wear for those who go bump in the night:

When my niece said that she needed a necklace for her sorcereress costume, I decided to transform my pins (Somerset Studio Article) into necklaces for Halloween.

The necklaces are copper and silver metals and use my favorite shape, the heart. A few weeks ago I purchased a metal punch from Harbor Freight and it is so easy to use. I punched the hole in all the metal, even the British coin! Now, the coin was harder to punch than the thinner metals, but I was shocked that it handled that thickness of metal.


  1. Those are so cool!!!!!! I want one!!

  2. Absolutely fabulous! Love these! What Halloween Diva wouldn't just love one?!

  3. Your necklace is a gorgeous, Carol. What an imagination you have!!


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