The Anniversary Card

Once again, Scrap Girls digital kits came to the rescue when I needed an anniversary card for my cousin. Annie and I were born nine months apart and have been like sisters all our lives. We’re both artistic and creative, so I wanted something special for her card.

I love taking photos of my garden and this photograph symbolized the white of the bridal gown. The red heart from Scrap Girls City Park Embellishment kit shows the deep love that Annie and Ralph share.

Once the graphic was printed, I attached it to a 5 by 7” folded, black card.

You can get very upscale designs by cropping your floral photographs. It doesn’t matter if you can’t get in tight enough to produce this type of floral photo, you can use your computer to crop the photo. Don’t think of the image as a flower, think of it as flowing lines and crop the image until you have a pleasing design.

My favorite subjects to photograph are my nieces, cats and garden. Yours?


  1. Hey Carol, that's lovely! It's so different...

  2. So precious and special, Carol! I'm sure they felt your thoughtful and loving kindness through this lovely card.


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