Tropical Storm Hanna

Having a husband who is a meteorologist, I get personalized weather forecasts. So, Tropical Storm Hanna was no surprise to us this weekend. Friday night, we took down our flag, put away the outdoor furniture, and threw ice in the freezer in case of a power outage. Saturday, as Paul watched the radar, he was a bit surprised to see that winds from the storm were not as strong as a tropical storm would normally bring. We did have rain, and some wind, but we lucked out.

Paul did warn me that the closer we got to the eye of the storm, the greater chance for tornados, but of a gustnato or F1 type. While we didn’t see anything near us, Allentown, PA, did have a possible tornado.

Anyway, since we didn’t have high winds or thunderstorms, I took my camera and headed out on our front porch. I wanted to capture the storm in photos. Well, there were no spectacular shots of winds bending trees or flooding in the streets. I did catch a bit of wind and the flowers in my front yard seemed to glow. So, these are the photos you see.

I created the digital ATC’s using Scrap Girl’s Bump in the Night, Black ‘n Tan, City Park, and Reawakening kits.

Click on photo above for a larger view.


  1. The silver lining! What a positive and creative spirit you have! Beautiful cards!

  2. Your work is inspirational, I have given you an award check it out on my blog

  3. you do nice work... nice to "meet you" (I am CrypticFragment from

    I wish I had the space and privacy to work on creative projects right now, living w/ friends who don't want you to unpack is not easy!


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