Coloring Easter Eggs

My nieces, Camryn (age 3) and Lilly (age 2) came over to my mom's so we could color eggs. They used their crayons to draw lines onto the eggs and then were filled with glee when they dipped the eggs in the dyes. While these eggs will never grace the cover of any magazine, they are picture perfect to me.

Hope you enjoy crafting with your family as much as I do mine.


  1. How wonderful! You tell them that they are very pretty. So much fun with little kids. Did they hunt for them too? Theresa

  2. Yes, Theresa, they did hunt for them as well. They really enjoyed the day even if they really didn't understand what it was all about.

  3. I loved your comment that the eggs would never grace the cover of any magazine but they were picture perfect to you!

    I love your website and I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of your artist trading card book! Glad I met you on twitter. I will be sure to comment about your book after I get through it! I hope it inspires me on some of my future ATC's! Would love to do a ATC swap with you soon if you are game!

    - Holly


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