Sizzix Triple-Blog Hop Week 2

Romantically Chic Cube

Twist Cube, 3D Pop-up, Bigz XL Die by Karen Burniston, Sizzix®

For Project and Instructions by Carol Heppner Click Here

Twist Cube Die:

When we think of parties, we normally focus on indoor decorations. But think o
utside of the box and let your guests know they are in for a treat as they pull up to your home.

Imagine, if you will, a small tree outside your house alive with little white lights for the holidays. Pretty? Sure. But, at this time of year, everyone has pretty white lights. You want more.

Imagine that very same tree with a few of these Romantically Chic cubes gently swaying in breeze. Your guests will know they are in for a very special time. And, Karen's Twist Cube Die will help making these cubes a breeze.

No trees outside? Then fill a garden planter with sand, add some sturdy twigs, attach your lights and these cubes and then place your homemade tree on your porch.

What's nice about this project is that you can use these cubes as outdoor decorations any time of the year making this Sizzix die one that should be on your wish list.

These cubes are not weather proof, so they will not stand up to rain, snow, or any type of moisture. So you will have to bring them indoors right after your party.

They can be used indoors as well and would look great on Christmas trees.

If you eliminate the flower and crystal from this project, it can be folded and sent as a greeting card. Just add a Thanksgiving or Christmas greeting to one of the sides of the box.

For instructions on making this project visit my Triple-Blog Hop Page. At the bottom of the instructions, you will find a link that will allow you to download the instructions. There is also a list of companies whose products were used in this project.

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  1. Not only do I like this week's project . . . I LOVE this week's project! This is truly stunning, Carol. I adore the beauty of this ornament and the idea of hanging them outside to greet guests is pure genius. You're amazing! Thank you for using my die in such a beautiful way.

  2. Love it Love it!! Great out of the box thinking and the chandelier dangle is adds just the right bling!!!!

  3. genius!!! Absolutely stunning, Carol!!

  4. very "romantic"... :) loving the simple yet elegant rose on the bottom with the hanging crystal.

  5. So glad you like it, Karen. I've been having so much fun with all of your dies. In fact, Brenda... I created two projects with your die (next week). Thanks Amy, Linda, Brenda, Michelle, and Karen for your comments. I really appreciate it.

  6. VERY cute, Carol! I love the way you added the rose and beads!

  7. Such a great idea Carol. Love the images, crystal and the rose! Beautiful!

  8. Such a great idea! I love the flower on the bottom!

  9. Elegant party light for an elegant evening. Mahalo for another use of the cube.

  10. Love it Love it!! Great out of the box thinking
    Rebecca Minor

  11. Thanks so much everyone. Glad that you like it. What I thought was great is that Ronnie Goff and I have similar designs. I didn't get a chance to visit everyone's site. So I don't know how many of us thought about hanging the cube. Love the bone she used on the bottom of her cube. It's wonderful to be with such a talented group of designers.

  12. Thanks so much, Julie. It was so much fun to create.

  13. gorgeous, stunning, beautiful- I would love to make this project


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