In with the new - out with the old

New Look 

After attending the sessions at the Craft and Hobby Association Winter Trade Show and Convention, and reviewing the style of work I am now creating, it was time for a change.  I wanted a logo that reflected a more fashion-forward look and feel.  

Yes, it's just a slight alteration, but I feel the updated look is more in line with  who I am.  So, my website, blog, and twitter pages all have a slightly new look to them.  I love it and hope you do too.

I've also added a few more photos in the slide show on the Index Page of my website,

The mixed-media shoes in the slide show were created for Viva Decor's CHA's winter booth.  These shoes were created from watercolor paper the heels from their polymer clay.  Many people ask me if you can wear the shoes, and my answer is always the same.  No.  While they seem "life-size" when looking at them, they are more narrow than the human foot.  The long, narrow silhouette adds to the beauty of the shoe.  

The shoes took a week to complete.  The heels actually took a few days to make because they were created in layers.  

Hope you enjoy seeing them!

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