March - National Craft Month

Celebrate March in Style with Carol Heppner

March is one of my favorite months in the Northeast.  While snow can still fall, we get days that tease us with the promise of warmer tempeartures.  The earth is waking from its long winter nap.

My lilac bushes have tiny leaves on their branches and the spring flowers are just starting to break free of the earth.  That pretty spring-green that can be found in leaves this time of year, along with St. Pat's Day, has inspired me to create a fun Shamrock Shirt.

Your little one will love wearing this fun shirt for St. Pat’s Day.  While I designed it for a little girl to wear, you can alter the design to fit your needs.

The shirt is pretty fast to make.  You can make it this afternoon and is wearable tomorrow morning.

Make sure to create this fun St. Pat’s Day Necklace to help celebrate the day.   It is so fast and easy to create that you can make it other colors too.  

Once St. Pat’s Day is over, you’ll want to think of using spring-inspired scrapbook paper colors to make fun necklaces to celebrate the coming of spring time.   
They would also make great favors at a little girl’s birthday party.  You can make them all one color, or make a different color for each member of the party. 

Remember to pick up the March issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine to learn how to create these pretty flowers.  You can used them in your paper crafting.  

The article also includes instructions to make a fashion-forward necklace.  It is sold at AC Moore, Walmart and where other craft publications are sold.

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2011 CHA Convention and Trade Show

I am a professional designer and writer. Every year, I attend CHA.  This year, I was one of a handful of designers giving a demo at the Designer's Craft Studio.

It’s a few minutes before my mixed-media bracelet demonstration at the Designer’s Craft Studio.  I walk to the studio as visions of instructions, materials, and tools are dancing in my mind.  My mind focuses only on the task that is before me.

I inch closer to the Craft Studio area and I notice the audience watching a woman embellish a wrapped a gift.  Some were asking questions as she places a miniature umbrella and teddy bear perfectly on the top of the box.

The woman looks familiar to me, but I just cannot remember who she is. 

As she finishes her demo, I join her behind the desk to set up and I watch as her assistants pack up the woman’s supplies.  Yes, I am wondering why she has assistants.

She greets me, commenting on the crowd, and then we carry on a pleasant conversation all the while I am trying to remember her name.  She impressed me as being a very nice person with a passion for gift wrapping. 

During my demonstration time the woman’s name pops into my mind blocking out all other thoughts --- Candy Spelling (Yes, Tory Spelling’s Mom).   Recovering nicely, I went right on connecting with my audience who seemed so much like friends I knew forever.

The Winter Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) Convention and Trade Show is a huge event and I spend many hours walking the floor and talking to vendors and other attendees.   I notice that there are a number of new die cutting vendors on the market.  Of course, I stop at the Sizzix’s booth and, like many of the booths at CHA, there are a lot of buyers milling about and making purchases.  

Celebrate March in Style with Carol Heppner: 
St. Patrick’s Day Necklace

You can be part of a huge trend that is growing in the craft world by using your die cutting machine to create a fun St. Patrick's Day Necklace. My free project uses Tim Holtz’s Flower die from Sizzix. 

Growing up near Scranton, PA, I enjoy attending the Scranton’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.  Walking in the parade, having family in the parade, having a niece became engaged on a float during the parade (we all knew, but she didn’t), or just watching the parade is always fun for my family.

The Electric City’s ranks swell as revelers come from all over the world to celebrate and watch the second largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the country.  People gather in downtown Scranton during the wee hours of the morning - well, “wee” is mostly around eight or nine because parking lots fill up fast.  The parties continue throughout the day because well, you've heard the line, "There ain't no party like a Scranton Party, because a Scranton Party don't stop."

Sadly, I won’t be able to attend this year due to other comments.  But, you’ll know where my heart will be, with my family and friends - at that parade. 

St. Patrick’s Parade Day Necklace

Instead of going out and buying the same old fabric carnation that everyone else will wear on St. Patrick’s Day, be the envy of all around you when you make this fashionable necklace. 

It’s made from green scrapbooking paper and is super fast to create. Tulip’s® crystals, bead pain, and studs help to make this necklace sparkle.  Click here to get the instructions.

Article Alert: Remember to check out my March Art Smarts! Mixed-Media Necklace article in the March issue of Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine.

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Celebrate National Craft Month 
by creating a pair of 
fun sneakers! 

Just click on the link above for the step-by-step photographed instructions. 


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  1. Thanks for stopping by. Would love to know what is your favorite craft. How will you celebrate the National Craft Month.

  2. As St Pat's is a big deal in my family - Moran's - I will be the envy of the flowers that show up - thanks for sharing!!!
    cheers, dana

  3. Growing up in a town who would like to believe it was all Irish, there were a few Moran families. We also had a large Italian population as well.

    Glad you like the necklace and will make it. It's SUPER easy and fast.

    Happy St. Pat's Day!

  4. Loved your Candy Spelling story Carol- like her again now that she has patched things up with Tori

  5. Thanks for the great tutorials. I love St. Pat's Day, but it's just not celebrate in CA like it is back East...

  6. Thanks, Melony. It was pretty funny that I could't remember her at first. I blame it on CHA Convention brain!

    Glad you like them, Laura. St. Pat's day was always huge here. In grade school, we'd alway have a party - only art class in the after noon, Irish music, and a party. Even more strange was that the school was named after an Italian Saint! lol

  7. We didn't celebrate St. Patrick's day when I was growing up in England, but oh boy did we celebrate Carnival, the Monday before Ash Wednesday when I lived in Germany!!!!

  8. It was great to meet you at CHA. I love your green flower!

  9. I loved your st. patty's day flower, so pretty!

  10. I've always wanted to celebrate Carnival, Julie. Bet that was so much fun

    Thanks Terry and Michelle. The Sizzix die made it super easy. I don't know what I did before die cut machines. lol

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  11. The St patty's flower is a must try, thanks for the how to!!

  12. Thanks so much, Cindy. I'm glad that you like it!

  13. I love your St. Patrick's Day flower. Thanks for sharing.


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