Mother's Day Bracelet

Mixed-Media Bracelet

Create this charming mixed-media bracelet for Mother’s Day and be in style with the hot mixed-media jewelry that is trending this spring and summer. It’s fast and easy to create and is sure to be a favorite.

Click on the links in the materials list to view the jewelry elements.  

Almond Pearl Elegance™ bead, 6mm (10)Cousin® Corporation of America
Closed jump ring, 4 mm, silver Cousin® Corporation of America
Flat head jewelry pliers
Flat side freshwater pearl, 6mm, white Cousin® Corporation of America
Head pin, 2”, silver Cousin® Corporation of America
Needle and white cotton thread
Open jump ring, 6 mm, silver (2) Cousin® Corporation of America
Open jump ring, 4 mm, silver (2) Cousin® Corporation of America
Oval link chain, 18”, silver (1 link) Cousin® Corporation of America
Round nose jewelry pliers
Round toggle clasp, silver (1) Cousin® Corporation of America
White fabric, 2 x 6”
Wire cutters

Fold the fabric so it measures 1 by 6 inches and then gather the open end with the needle and thread.  With the needle and thread still attached, curl the gathered material into a flower shape.  Stitch the fabric to hold the shape of the flower.  Sew the flat-side freshwater pearl in the center of the flower.

Stitch one closed jump ring on the left-back side of the flower and one closed jump ring on the right back side of the flower.  These closed jump rings will be used to attach the flower to the bracelet.

Use the wire cutters to remove the heads from ten of the head pins. 

Create a loop in one side of the first head pin with the round nose jewelry pliers. Slip the Almond Pearl Elegance™ on the head bead pin onto the head pin and then create a loop in the opposite end of the head pin.  Repeat this step nine more times to create a total of ten beaded links.

Use the flat head jewelry pliers to open one loop in the first beaded link to attach it to the second beaded link.  Do this four more times so that five beaded links are attached.  Attach a 6 mm open jump ring the last loop at the end of the beaded strand.  Repeat this step.

Attach the 6 mm open jump ring in the first beaded strand to the closed jump ring on the left side of the flower. Attach the second beaded strand in the same manner.

Use the 4 mm open jump rings to attach the toggle clasp to the ends of the bracelet.

Follow the directions in the Tim Holtz® Idea-ology Type Charms kit to create a personalized charm.

Remove one of the links from the oval link chain and then use it to attach the Tim Holtz® Idea-ology Type Charm to the 6 mm open jump ring on the right side of the flower.

These instructions are for personal use only.

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  1. Debra QuartermainMay 2, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    This is just beautiful Carol!

  2. Very lovely! The flower almost reminds me of a wrist corsage. The wonderful part is that it doesn't wilt! Thank you for sharing your project!

  3. Carol, you always amaze and inspire. Beautiful!

  4. Thank Suzann, glad you like it. Ah, Ken, thanks for being so kind.


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