Mother's Day Card with Upcycled Fabric Leaves

Upcycled fabric leaves on a Mother's Day card?  That's right.  Not only the leaves, but the tiny white babies breath as well.  

While they may be too faded or outdated for your home decor, they are perfect for greeting cards for that vintage look.  

To clean the flowers and leaves, wipe them with a clean, damp washcloth and then let them dry.  They are now ready to use in your work. 

It seems when I work with Viva Decor products, my work becomes sophisticated and feminine.  The flower is my same flower pattern that was published in a Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine article earlier this year.   If you don't have a copy of the magazine, you can find it online at Scott Publications. 

I use watercolor paper to make my cards.  Yes, many of us use scrapbooking cardstock, but I find that 140 pound (hot and cold press) watercolor paper makes my work look richer.   The paper has more body than regular cardstock.  So, for important cards (Mother's Day, Weddings....) I use watercolor paper. 

The watercolor papers that I use are sold in large sheets, but smaller pads will work too.   The flower is created with the 140 pound hot pressed watercolor paper, which is a smoother paper and better when using rubber stamps.

I used Viva Decor's Paper Soft on the flower.  Then I used their Transparent Gloss Gel to highlight the stamped images.  The petals are edge in Inka Gold Ink wax.  The wax, when dry, gives a great shine to the edge of the flower.

I also used the Inka Gold on the edge of the green background paper.  I used Light Moss Paper Soft to stamp the image and then to color the edge of the torn watercolor paper.  The gold edge gives the card an elegant feel.  Almost an old-world feel.   I used both the Rose and Light Moss colors  on the rubber-stamp tag.  

I used their Peridot Light Green Glitter Liner on the leaves on the card. I like the shine that the soft-colored glitter gives the leaves.  Their cream Pearl Pen was used to create the cream dots on the card. 

Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue® from ILovetoCreate™ is used to glue everything together. 

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Make sure to bookmark this page and come back tomorrow for instructions to make a Mother's Day Bracelet.  Perfect for spring and summer.   See you then! 


  1. Love this card Carol. I agree, the watercolor paper does make the card special but your design makes it beautiful.

  2. Thanks so much, Cindy. That's very kind of you. Glad you like the design.

  3. very romantic and feminine.


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