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ILoveToCreate® Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint Challenge

The T-Shirt Cover Up and No-Sew Bag in my Beach Dreams project was inspired by sunny beach days and the summer-time candy dots that come on a strip of paper. 

Our special Blog Hop Challenge was to use Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint, a special paint that forms a rounded bead on surfaces, in a project.  

One lucky person will win the items seen in this photo.  
Keep reading to find out HOW!

For this challenge, I used the pretty yellow, green, blue, and clear w/sparkle paints (Gemstone #28795).  The beads give a glass-like appearance when dried and it immediately made me think of the beach and the dot-candy that we had has kids.  

Did you know that Tulip®, ILoveToCreate®, has a Tulip® Fashion Form™ that is perfect for kids’ shirts?  The smooth side is coated so paints can be wiped from the surface.  That means you can use it over and over again.   It also provided me with the firm surface I needed to draw the image of my fish onto the shirt. 

I used the Tulip® Fabric Markers™ to draw my fish onto a pre-washed white T-shirt.  These markers are a great way for kids of all ages to alter their T-shirts. 

Then, I used Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint™  to paint the areas of the fish.  
Yes, it's a spray paint and but you can also
spray some onto a piece of waxed paper 
and then use a paint brush to apply the paint to the fabric.

I also use this paint to alter sneakers. 
Click here to learn more about my tutorial to learn the techniques 
to transform white sneakers into playful delights.

As you can see on the photograph the fish design
 extends to the back of the shirt. 

If you would like to learn more 
about working with easy One-Step Dyes™ dyes 
on silk or other fabric, 
make sure to pick up my 

It shows you how to work with wax and Tulip's non-wax resist.  
There is also a fish pattern that you can use on different surfaces. 

Once the paint dried, I used the Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ Paint on the fish.  

While it is hard to see in the photograph, there are countless tiny beads placed on the shirt. They are in the green, orange and in some white areas of the fish.  I used the clear, sparkle Tulip® Beads in a Bottle™ on areas of the fish, which is hard to see in the photograph, but they give a nice soft sparkle to the design.  They are also used to create a dot-candy slanted strip on the front of the shirt adds an additional touch of whimsy to the feel of the design.

As you can see, the bead paint produces a nice element to the cotton fabric.   These beads are a hot new trend that you'll love using. 

HOT TIP:  Use the bead paint on the designs of shirts and dresses you currently own.  

After creating the shirt, I wanted to make a coordinating bag for gathering little beach treasure like sea shells, rocks, and sea glass.   This time, I decided that I would use a 12-inch silk handkerchief on which to draw my design, but you can use a cotton handkerchief or a 12 by 12-inch white fabric. 

Once the paint was dried on the silk,, I applied the bead paint and let the tiny beads dry.  Once dried, the beads give a wonderful weight and feel to the surface. 

I also cut a piece of white ribbon to use as the bag's strap
and applied the bead paint to that as well.  

The painted-silk handkerchief was used as a template to cut out two 12-inch squares from a heavier fabric. 

I applied Aleene's® Fabric Fusion® Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive around all four edges on the back of the silk square and then attached the silk to the first heavier fabric square. 

The glue was then applied to the side and bottom edges on the back of the first heavier fabric square and then attached to the second square.

I glued ends of the embellished ribbon to the inside of the bag.  One was glued to the back of the inside front square and one was glued to the inside of the back square.  Waiting for glue to dry isn’t always easy, but it’s important.

Once the glue was dry, I clipped any strings from the outside of the bag.  Then, I used the bead paint around the edges of the bag to seal the edges (as seen in the photograph above).  

My niece joined me at the beach when I shot the photographs for this challenge.  She loved the items in this project and couldn’t wait to use the bag. 
ILOVETOCREATE™ CONTEST: Keep reading to learn how to win! 

4th of July Party Necklace

 The 4th of July is only a few days away so make this necklace to celebrate!  The free digital download contains the patterned paper you will need to create the necklace.  The project is a great for a party project or party favor.  Download your free pdf copy today.  And, while on that site, make sure to check out my entire line of tutorials. 


Just pick up your favorite Beads in a Bottle™ at your local store and create your own bead project.  

Then, on Friday, July 29th, visit the ILoveToCreate™ blog they will have a “link party” set up for you to post your picture and link to your completed project from your blog. They will draw one name from the entries to win a Tulip Prize Pack.

Make sure to visit all our Designer Craft Connections Blogs and the ILoveToCreate™ Blog for inspiration in using Beads in a Bottle™.   You can also check out the great video ILoveToCreate™ created. 

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Easy-to-Create Summer Ankle Bracelet
The ankle bracelet takes minutes to assemble, but looks expensive.
It’s a very romantic look, but is equally suitable for beach wear.  

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  1. Great project! I love the bold colors. :)

  2. Wow Carol. you put alot of thought and work into this and it certainly paid off! I love how you added the color spray to create the fish

  3. LOVE this project Carol!Super COOL!

  4. What a great idea, such a cute design! I used to love those candy dots - so fun!

  5. Thanks everyone, for the kind comments about my projects. I've been visiting your sites and love what I am seeing too!

    Happy 4th of July!

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  7. All stuff is very nice. I like the t shirt with painted.

    Tank Top

  8. I found you through FavCrafts. OMGoodness, I am speechless! LOVE your blog. Everything is so pretty!

  9. Glad you like the shirt Anora. Thanks for the kind comments on my work, Jenni!!


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