Summer-Time Crafting

The Jersey Shore

It was a beautiful Monday morning and I needed to photograph a project for an upcoming blog challenge.  Living close to the New Jersey shore, there was only one decision to be made – “What time do we leave?”  

We grabbed the sandals and the beach towels and then made the 45 minute drive east to the Atlantic shore.  My family was visiting and they like going to Seaside Heights, NJ, so that was the destination.  It’s the same beach as seen on MTV.  It’s been our favorite long before it made it big on TV. 

Arriving early enough to have the beach to ourselves, I set out to photograph my work.  This time, I decided to use my Canon Power Shot A2200 HD over my normal camera because I was concerned about the salty mist from the ocean and the sand of the beach.  The Power Shot did a great job getting the “money” shots I wanted, and the ocean and beach were the perfect backdrop.

You’ll see those photos in an upcoming blog post and on the website of™.  The challenge was to use their new Beads in a Bottle™ product.  I love this product and so did my little niece.  I noticed her playing with the “beaded” project I photographed.  She was not a happy beachgoer when I told her she couldn’t take the project home with her because I still needed to take it home with me.  I explained that I had to make sure my photos turned out before she could take ownership of the item.  

What was it I made?  It’s a secret at the moment, but if you sign up to my twitter account or Facebook artist page, you’ll be the first to find out.  It’s a no-sew item that will make a great summer project -- filled with creativity.

4th of July

The 4th of July is only a few weeks away so make this necklace to celebrate! 

The digital download contains the patterned paper you will need to create the necklace.  If you want, you can also make a matching bracelet.   You can also order a copy mailed to you. 

This necklace was designed for the entry-level crafter so it can be made by all ages and would make a fun outdoor-party project.  

Pretty in Pink Shoes

My niece loves purple and pink.  When I found these inexpensive shoes at my local Walmart, I knew I had to get them and embellish them.  They are easy and quick to alter!  Check out the free instructions on how you can embellish the shoes seen above. Also find out how to transform white sneakers for the little girls in your life.

Make sure to check how to make a great summer-beach necklace 
for your summer vacation.

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  1. Carol, I love the "pretty in pink" shoes. They're adorable.

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to the shore. There's nothing like the Jersey shore.

  2. Thanks so much, Liz. We had a great time, but it was far too short. It's less than an hours drive, but it's finding the free time to get there.


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