Arts and Crafts - Roll On!

My husband is the business manager for my Professional Design Company, Carol Heppner, LLC.; because he is part of my company, he attends CHA with me. 

After my meeting with another company at CHA, I receive a phone call from Paul asking me to meet him at the Purple Cows booth.  The owners wanted to meet me.  “Purple Cows?”  I asked.  I wanted to make sure I heard the name correctly.  

I was thrilled to meet Paula at the booth and she gave me a tour of their great products.  They really are Craft Geeks, like the package says.  They take ordinary art and craft tools and give them a whole new twist. 

Paula sent me home with many of her products to try.  The first one that I removed from the package was their Roll It rubber stamping tool.  (Yes, if you take a look at the package in the photo, you will see that it is opened.  I wanted to show you the whole package, so I placed the tool back in the container)

I loved how the roller stamped the images in a straight line.  You can run a line along the edge of cardstock and will get a nice pattern.  I also tried it on a square piece of paper and going over and over the square with the roller.  It produced a marble type colored image.  Now, it doesn’t look like marbling, but rather gives you that darker and lighter image which will be great for backgrounds.

Tomorrow:  Fun product just in time for spring!

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