Polymer Clay Heart

The heart is my favorite shape, so should it surprise you that I use it a lot in my work? 

I love working in polymer clay and wanted to create a hanging wall pocket.  I wanted an update version of a wall pocket using polymer clay instead of using ceramics.

This tiny little thing using upcycled necklace parts to hang around the house.  You cut out the heart shape and use rubber stamps to create the texture on the clay.  The three layers (bottom, top, and decorative piece on the very top) were attached by using the same method you do with pie crusts.  I often say, if you can work with pie dough, you can work with polymer clay. 

If the heart doesn’t stay together after baking and cooling, you can always glue a clear-drying glue to attach the pieces.

I like filling the heart pocket with lavender from our garden thanks to my husband.  He’s the gardener in our family.  My parents, grandparents, great grandparents and great-great grandparents were wonderful gardeners.  Some how, that gene didn’t get passed down to me.  But, I digress…

The heart project was published six years ago in PolymerCAFE Magazine and can still be purchased from them.  The hearts in that article are a different design, but the techniques uses are the same.  The design is timeless and the article includes all the information you would need to create the heart. 

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